Saudi . “A Fat Day” .. The visual identity of the founding day bears various historical connotations

Kamal Amer, the editor-in-chief writes: 2022 Great meanings and firm connotations carried by the identity of the founding day in every art And creativity, to be part of the moment of pride and celebration of the ancient history of the Kingdom, where the visual identity of the founding day came under the slogan “a fat day”, to refer to various historical and substantive meanings, related to the glories of the Saudi state, its heroism and its heritage, where the icon “A man carrying a banner” appears in the middle of the logo. , in reference to the heroism of the men of Saudi society and their wrapping around the flag, which they raised, protected and defended, and sacrificed dearly and preciously for its sake. The identity icon is surrounded by four symbols: the dates that signify growth, life and generosity, and the council that expresses Unity and societal cultural harmony, and the Arabian horse, which is the element that displays the chivalry, courage and heroism of the state’s lords, and the market; In reference to economic mobility, diversity and openness to the world.

The phrase “Foundation Day – 1727 AD” was written in a font inspired by several manuscripts, documenting the history of the first Saudi state, so that the comprehensive message of the logo is linked to the values ​​that represent the common Saudi culture. It conveys the meanings of pride, enthusiasm, authenticity and interdependence, and is linked to hospitality, generosity, knowledge and science. The visual identity of this year’s founding day came under the slogan “We are fat day”, in order to reinforce the values ​​and meanings associated with this special national occasion, and to establish pride in the cultural and social heritage of this The state and its society.