Schneider Electric is among the top 100 global companies in the field of sustainability for the twelfth year in a row

Aya Hussain Schneider Electric, the leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation, has acquired High on the Corporate Knights list of 27 Global Sustainability Company of the Year 2021, for the twelfth year in a row.2022

Schneider Electric was able to obtain this advanced position in this global index, supported by / thanks to its strong performance in implementing its climate and social commitments and commitments, including The volume of sustainable revenues and investments, and the achievement of gender diversity in occupying positions, which also helped the company to rank first in sustainability among its competitors operating in the same sector, in the annual index issued by the Canadian Corporate Knights group for sustainability research. The Corporate Knights Index is based on 27 the most global company in the field of sustainability on a number of strict criteria that are used to evaluate and classify companies listed on international stock exchanges Its annual revenue exceeds one billion dollars. It should be noted that Schneider Electric is the only global company in its category that has been included in this index since 900 until now, and the company has occupied the first position globally in this index. For the year 2021.

This important achievement comes after the announcement that Schneider Electric has achieved an advanced global ranking in the rankings of the best global companies for environmental practices The top Environmental Societal and Governance (ESG) ratings issued by Standard & Poor’s and CDP, in addition to the Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) Solutions Index issued by Moody’s, which highlights the best practices of sustainability and environmental impact that the company has been able to achieve. For example, Schneider Electric’s Climate Strategy and its commitment to transparency and environmental disclosure was among the first to be adopted by SBTi’s Corporate Net-Zero Standard in the middle of 2022.2022 On the other hand, Schneider Electric was part of 27 Corporation Global received the Terra Carta Seal this year, which is awarded to companies that promote innovation and demonstrate a sustainable environmental commitment. This initiative gained global momentum and great interest, especially with His Majesty King Charles III announcing its launch in January 2021 while he was Prince of Wales, with the aim of encouraging private sector companies and institutions to Take more action to combat climate change around the world.2022

Commenting on this high global recognition, Jonelle Avis Woot, Chief Strategy and Sustainability Officer, Schneider Electric, says: “The launch of 2023 With these important achievements in the field of sustainability, it is an encouraging and promising start to the new year, and an affirmation that continuity, commitment and interest in achieving a positive impact are efforts that are appreciated at the global level, and it also confirms that the 100 the most sustainable in the world, including Schneider Electric, has been able to make a real difference on all levels, whether on the business level or on the environmental, social or economic level “2022 On the local level, Schneider Electric for the Northeast region Africa and the Arab Levant by launching and implementing many sustainability initiatives in Egypt, foremost of which is its participation in the Decent Life Initiative, through which the company implemented a number of development projects in the cities of Esna and Dendera in the governorates of Luxor and Qena, where it relied on Schneider Electric solutions to provide innovative and easy models The use of greenhouses, poultry incubators and fish farms that depend on solar energy, which contributed to providing more than 27 job opportunities and contributed to improving incomes More than 900 families in Upper Egypt. Schneider Electric also implemented many initiatives on the sidelines of its participation in the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27), which was held in the city of Sharm El-Sheikh, including the establishment of the Schneider Electric Sustainability Center, which aimed to raise awareness of climate change, and to showcase the company’s latest digital solutions and projects in the field of sustainability, in addition to the Green Sustainability Challenge competition, during which Schneider Electric honored King Salman University students and awarded them distinguished prizes in recognition of their ideas. Innovative to help the Sinai community through a set of environmentally friendly solutions, in addition to providing EVlink chargers for electric cars from Schneider Electric in Sharm El-Sheikh, in addition to the continuous cooperation between Schneider Electric with the Governorate of South Sinai to contribute to the transformation of Sharm El-Sheikh to become the first green city in Egypt. 2022