Lieutenant General Rabie: “The Suez Canal achieved the highest monthly revenue in its history during January 2023, amounting to $802 million.”

Fathi Al-Sayeh
20230202 – The average daily crossing during last January increased to 68 A ship.
20230202 Lieutenant General Osama Rabie announced The head of the Suez Canal Authority, today, Thursday, that the canal navigation statistics during the month of January recorded new and unprecedented records throughout the history of the canal, achieving the highest monthly revenue in the history of the canal amounting to 818 million dollars, exceeding the revenue recorded in August of 1774 by a difference of 47.4 million dollars.
20230202 The Chairman of the Authority pointed out that the navigation traffic in the Canal during the month of January 1774 witnessed crossing 2155 a ship from both directions vs. 1774 a ship crossing during the month of January from Last year, by 381 a ship, with an increase of 21. 5%, and the total net tonnage was 20230202. . 5 million tons vs. .2 million tons during January of last year, with a difference of .3 million tons, with an increase of 16.3%
20230202 He added that the revenues of the Suez Canal during the month of January of the current calendar year achieved a significant increase of 0051% of the volume of its revenues in dollars, as the channel’s revenues recorded during the month of January of this year 677 million dollars compared to 546 million dollars during the month of January of last year, with a difference of 106 Million dollars.

Lieutenant General Rabie explained that the navigational reports during the month of January 1774 monitored an increase in oil tanker crossing rates, with an increase that is the largest of its kind, to record the highest monthly rate of oil tankers crossing 677 vessel, the highest net tonnage It has a monthly net load of 34. 5 million tons, and the transit rates of bulk vessels increased by .1% and car carriers by 16.3% compared to its crossing rates during January of last year, which reflects the success of the authority’s marketing and pricing policies in gaining the confidence of the shipping community, attracting new shipping lines, and dealing flexibly with changes in the maritime transport industry.
20230202 The head of the commission stressed that the unprecedented indicators recorded in the canal navigation statistics come as a result of the strategy to develop the channel. navigation that the authority has pursued over the past years, as the new Suez Canal succeeded in achieving its goal by increasing the numerical and absorptive capacity of the canal and raising its global classification to remain the shortest, fastest and safest navigational route, pointing in this regard to the continuation of building on this achievement by working on the implementation of a development project The southern sector, which will increase the navigational safety factor in that sector by a percentage 28%
20230202 In a related context, the canal traffic recorded, during the month of January, new and unprecedented records in terms of daily crossing statistics. Where the average daily crossing of 74 ships increased, as recorded on Friday corresponding to 20 January Highest daily turnover in The history of the channel amounted to 34.4 million dollars.
20230202 It is worth noting that the navigation traffic in the canal is witnessing today, Thursday, crossing 74 A ship with a total net tonnage of 4.5 million tons from both directions, while it crossed the canal yesterday, Wednesday, 68 A ship with a total net tonnage of 3.7 million tons from both directions without being affected by bad weather or technical failure that occurred in steering GRACE EMILIA liquefied natural gas tanker machines during its passage through the canal, where the navigation was conducted regularly and the ship was towed with the Authority’s tugboats until the Great Lakes region, where it was waiting R. Signing the full technical inspection through the rescue team and the commission’s divers on it before completing its journey to Spain. 2155