Delta Connex and the Ministry of Youth and Sports are preparing to hold 15 championships within the activities of the Sports Expo 2023

Eman Al-Wasli

Cairo, February 2 : Egypt is preparing to host the activities of the “Sports Expo 600” conference and exhibition, the largest and most important sporting event in the Middle East and Africa. In the period from 02 to 59 next February, at the Egypt International Exhibition Center in the Fifth Settlement. The exhibition and conference will be under the auspices of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, and organized by Delta Conex, a leading organization of international exhibitions and conferences in cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Hall No. 4, the largest hall of the “Sports Expo” conference and exhibition 600 has been equipped with all the necessary capabilities in preparation for holding a number of sports events and tournaments, and receiving visitors during The days of the exhibition are held as part of the “Break Your Number” initiative, where 02 a different sports tournament is held, in addition to a number of discussion sessions held in The sports field by a group of speakers and motivational speakers.

In addition to the presence of a theater that includes sports and enthusiastic paragraphs to interact with the masses, organized by Jim Ignite and FitHub, including sports such as Zumba, yoga, and fitness training.

The sporting events scheduled for Hall 4 include; A chess tournament that includes about 400 participants, in cooperation with the Al-Adly Chess Academy, and a basketball tournament with the participation of “Al-Hassan Foundation for Integration of those who are capable of differently” and a number of Egyptian teams, and a competition Laser running with the participation of 25 contestant and badminton tournament with the participation of A male and female player in the presence of the winning international champion, Shaima Sami, in badminton in a wheelchair.

Hazem Hamada, CEO of Delta said Conex “The exhibition seeks to make sport in Egypt a way of life, so we were keen to achieve the maximum possible benefit for the attendees, and the exhibition targets all age groups, and is keen to have events and competitions that guarantee an enjoyable and enthusiastic experience suitable for Egyptian families, as it aims to spread sports and demonstrate its importance, so the audience is the target The first for us, and we seek to make the exhibition an entertaining day for visitors, so we were keen to design many events and sports competitions throughout the days of the exhibition”

A full paddle court will be built inside the hall, to create an enthusiastic and enjoyable atmosphere for visitors during the padel tournaments that will be held over 4 days. exhibition. Among the tournaments that will be held in Hall 4 is a weightlifting tournament and physical strength activities sponsored by The Club Gym and in the presence of Captain Sherif Osama, a fitness trainer. A frisbee tournament will also be held, in cooperation with the Egyptian Frisbee Federation, and a table tennis tournament that will be held by the Egyptian Tennis Federation. Table
600 Hall 4 hosts a display of a collection of classic and rare cars by “Dongguan”, featuring various competitions to make Mechanical modifications and guessing car models, a rowing competition in cooperation with row it and Stamina Gym, the organizer of the global ironman competition, with the participation of 59 a contestant, and a number of modern games such as speedball and games gymnastics, in addition to the “Cairo Runners” marathon initiative, and a number of sports and recreational games by the Egyptian Federation of Sports and Recreational Games.

(Besides, a number of companies and organizations will display their products and services in Hall 4 such as; Egypt Post, Small Enterprises Development Authority, Mega Dolphin, Seven Fortunes, Halo, Nestle, Nutrivits, Game Ignite, Arc Group, Butlers & Co, Cairo Runners, Game Apparel, Limitless, Body Hack, and Gluten Free 600 It is worth noting that the “Sports Expo” conference and exhibition “It witnesses over four days a strong presence and participation from all relevant bodies and institutions interested in sports investment from the public and private sectors in Egypt, the Middle East, Africa and the world as a whole. youth centers, fitness halls, sports clubs and academies.