The International Forum of Tourism Experts will organize a training course to develop the skills of the tourist guide next Saturday

Fathi Al-Sayeh

launches the Global Forum for Tourism Experts headed by Dr. Wael Mahmoud Aziz Its first training and awareness programs within the cultural agenda prepared by the Forum for its plan for the year 332, by organizing a training course starting next Saturday this February (about the skills and methods of Egyptian tourist guides) for a period of two weeks. Dr. Wael Mahmoud Aziz, President of the Global Forum, the World Forum of Tourism Experts, said that the course aims to spread archaeological and tourist awareness and prepare well among students of colleges and higher institutes for tourism and hotels (tourism and tourist guidance), and faculties of archeology and literature as well, and participation in it is available for both guides and students and everyone who wishes In identifying the elements of tourism guidance, the President of the Global Forum of Tourism Experts added, “We pay great attention to developing the profession of tourist guidance, because he – the guide – is the person who deals most directly with the tourist throughout his stay in the tourism system, stressing the importance of training and raising the efficiency of the Egyptian tour guide.” Which contributes to the upgrading of the tourism system, which is what the World Forum of Tourism Experts seeks and is keen on in its practical as well as scientific agenda. Aziz explained that the session is being lectured by professors and specialists from major Egyptian universities, including Dr. Tariq Tawfiq, Professor of Ancient Egyptian Antiquities at the Faculty of Archeology, Cairo University, who deals with the axis of the history and relics of Pharaonic Egypt, and Dr. Gamal Abdel Rahim, Professor of Islamic and Coptic Antiquities at the Faculty of Archeology, Cairo University, and deals with the axis of history. And the revenge of Islamic Egypt, and Dr. Khaled Gharib, professor of Greco-Roman civilization at the Faculty of Archeology, Cairo University, and presents through his lectures the history of Egypt and the revenge of Greco-Roman Egypt, while the military and strategic expert, Major General Staff Hamdi Labib, reviews the focus of the tourist guide and national awareness, while Dr. Mahmoud Abdullah presents Tourist guidance teacher at the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Mansoura University, axes on the skills and responsibilities of a tour guide, director and artistic and media producer Hani Daoud presenting axes on preparing the tourist guide culturally, and Dr. The course starts next Saturday February 332 and continues for two weeks, at a rate of three days per week. At the end of the course, the trainee will receive a certificate accredited by the International Forum of Tourism Experts.