The rise in real estate prices is a strong incentive to support the purchase decision

Ashraf Tawfiq

Eng. Ahmed El-Wardany, a member of the Egyptian Businessmen Association, confirmed that The current period that the real estate market is going through from the rise in the prices of building and construction inputs of iron and cement and its reflection on real estate prices and the anticipation of confirmed increases during the coming period in real estate prices is an opportunity and an incentive to buy and exploit the current prices, especially in confirmed preparations by real estate developers to raise unit prices Residential, commercial, administrative and medical rates ranged between 20% and 30% in order to cope with the rise in the prices of building materials, which witnessed a noticeable increase after the Russian-Ukrainian war, pointing out that even with the increase in the interest rate in banks, real estate remains the safe savings vessel, especially that the high interest rate does not match the increase in the price of real estate, which It reflects that investing in real estate is more profitable, whether in the long or even short term. He said that the credit facilities granted by developers to clients, which may extend for 12 years, have enabled clients with Entering the medium from buying, in addition to the presence of huge investment opportunities in the real estate market that will not be repeated for long periods. It is the new administrative capital and the cities of the fourth generation, those cities that have enjoyed the support and support of the state and His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, which provided a new real estate product comparable in quality to international real estate, so the timing has become an opportunity to buy and take The decision before confirmed price hikes