Mohamed Taher: The real demand for purchase will make the Egyptian real estate sector a buffer against any economic challenges

Eman Al-Wasili

Engineer Mohamed Taher, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nile and Al-Ahram Development, confirmed Real Estate and a member of the Real Estate Development Chamber of the Federation of Egyptian Industries that the real estate sector is capable of facing the current wave of inflation and the high prices of building materials resulting from the Russian-Ukrainian war and its aftermath, stressing that Egypt was able to step in complete safety from the Corona virus crisis thanks to the economic reform program and the efforts of the political leadership.2022

A member of the Real Estate Development Chamber added that the real demand for buying real estate during the coming period is what makes the real estate sector a strong buffer against any economic crises or bumps Global, such as the Russian-Ukrainian war, stressing that the Egyptian real estate sector faced during the last decade global and local crises and succeeded in overcoming them all, and the state provided continuous facilities to support the sector, as well as the flexibility of companies in dealing with the crisis and coming up with innovative ideas and alternative plans to support the purchasing power of customers.

20220322 Taher stressed the real estate companies and the serious developer who will deal with this challenges professionally, stressing that the Egyptian real estate market has witnessed and is still witnessing great attraction by Arab and foreign investors, and the evidence for this is the huge number of projects that Egypt is currently witnessing, stressing that the state spares no effort in overcoming all the obstacles that the sector faced in the past, especially with regard to infrastructure and transportation, which is the password for the great investment attraction that Egypt is currently witnessing

20220322 He stressed that real estate investment has a great and real opportunity, especially in the largest project currently, which is the new administrative capital

It has a very high quality in standards, the materials used and the infrastructure, which are great advantages that the capital contains, making it a source of great interest for foreign investors, as well as buying and investment opportunities on the part of customers, stressing that any investor currently, whether local or foreign, finds empty services and facilities Which they were demanding in the past years, from the standards it needs, all the facilities, the presence of smart cities, safety, economic stability and good infrastructure) 20220322 Taher concluded by saying, “The real estate sector is one of the sectors that support the Egyptian economy, as it contributes more than

% in the GDP and contributes to providing more than 5 million job opportunities, which reflects the size of this sector and its impact on the Egyptian economy, as well as its role in implementing the comprehensive urban development plan for the state, which is always a safe haven For any investment currently.