Dr. Nader Riad… Egypt is considered one of the Arab countries that occupies the second place after Saudi Arabia

د/ نادر-رياض

Dr. Nader-Riyad

د/ نادر-رياض

Eman Al-Wasili and Fathi Al-Sayeh

Nader Riyad, Chairman of the Board of Revealed The Egyptian-German business reported that the volume of trade exchange between Egypt and Germany reached billions of dollars, indicating that Egypt is one of the Arab countries. Which occupies the second place after Saudi Arabia in the volume of bilateral cooperation Riyad on the sidelines of the conference organized by the Egyptian Businessmen Association this evening, Tuesday evening, in the presence of Ali Eissa, the president of the association, and the German trade and investment delegation headed by Martin Heernecht, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the German Near and Middle East Business Organization Numov.

He said that the most important sectors in which Germany invests in Egypt are (chemicals, mining, fertilizers, medicines, and Education).

Riyadh indicated that Germany has a desire in the coming period It received one million young immigrants, adding that the German side requested an exchange of information regarding this, expecting that the Egyptian youth would have the lion’s share of the required number. )

He stressed that the Business Council will adopt the qualification and training of young people who are eager to immigrate to Germany so that they can successfully pass the tests and conditions.

He added that the current stage is witnessing intense efforts at the governmental and businessmen levels to raise the rates of bilateral cooperation between the two countries, and advance them to distinct horizons that contribute to The development and development of the Egyptian and German economies alike.