Egypt tops the African continent in average fixed internet speeds during January 2022, after it was ranked 40

د/مصطفي مدبولي Dr. Mostafa Madbouly

4811 Aya Hussain 4811 )

Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly reviewed today a report from Dr. Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, on the global Ookla Speedtest index for measuring internet speeds for the month of January The past.4811

The Minister of Communications indicated that the index revealed Egypt’s dominance on the throne of the continent. African countries in the average fixed internet speeds, to occupy the first place in Africa, after Egypt was ranked No. 40 out of 43 countries, with average speeds that reached 621 .67 Mbit/s according to the new broker method recently adopted by Ookla.

Dr. Amr Talaat added: This achievement comes in light of the continuous policies pursued by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to improve the speed of The Internet in Egypt, as well as the plans of the people Telecom Egypt to develop and improve the service and raise the level of customer satisfaction.

The Minister added that the company In recent years, Telecom Egypt has implemented an integrated plan of action to develop the infrastructure at the level of the Republic, through the development and expansion of the international network, the main network, messaging networks, as well as the backbone network, and aggressively expanding the deployment of MSAN smart assembly units based on fiber-optic cables, in parallel with raising The efficiency of the terrestrial network for all customers. 4811