BT launches a series of episodes on the most influential women in the economy, finance and business in Egypt

BUSINESS TODAY EGYPT launched a series of special episodes on the most influential women in the field of business and finance in Egypt.
On the occasion of Women’s Month, in which the world celebrates the efforts of different countries in empowering and protecting women.
The series of episodes that are published successively on the magazine’s accounts on social media platforms, in addition to publishing in-depth interviews in the version placed on the inspiring stories of some successful models of women who have reached leadership positions in companies and large economic institutions in Egypt and the world.

In order to motivate more women to contribute to the growth of their societies and break down any barriers that hinder them from achieving their dreams.
The magazine emphasized in a statement that media institutions play a major role in highlighting successful models in society so that everyone can benefit from them, especially the new generations, and find in them an example of success and serving the community and the country.
The process of selecting models is carefully done by a group of experts who used multiple indicators to choose the models. Female models are the most influential in the development of the economic entities in which they manage work.
The selection committee did not rely only on illustrious models on the communication platforms Rather, it carefully studied the contributions made by each model in its work.
Business Today Egypt celebrates throughout the coming period by telling a group of stories Success for a number of women in Egypt in the field of finance and business.
This, by shedding light on the most influential female models and their ability to achieve Change inside and outside the workplace.
The women will speak from heart to heart about their journey, the challenges they faced, and the dreams and determination that made them today in This place, as the ones who were able to break the norm and stand up to stereotypes, made them stories worth telling and sharing.
Business Today Egypt has been one of the most important economic magazines in the Middle East for more than 25 a year and is issued by the IBA Media Corporation, which also publishes the Egypt Today magazine, owned by the United Group for Media Services UMS.