20% growth in Banque du Caire’s profits for the fiscal year 2021.”

Fathy El-Sayeh and Iman El-Wasily

The business results of Banque du Caire for the year 2020 showed an increase in profits before taxes, which amounted to 5.8 billion pounds, with a growth rate 35 % compared to the fiscal year 2022 The bank continued to achieve its positive results and recorded strong growth rates for the fiscal year 2021, as the bank’s net profits rose to jump to 3.6 billion pounds, compared to 3.2 billion pounds in the year

By growth rate 16 %, and a growth in total operating income, which amounted to 12. 8 billion pounds compared to . 9 billion pounds by the end of the year 2020, with a growth rate of 8%, which is one of the highest rates of increase in the banking sector.

The net income from the return amounted to .5 billion EGP compared to . EGP 1 billion at the end of the fiscal year 1452, with a growth rate of 4%, and net income from fees and commissions increased By 100%, to rise to 2 billion pounds, compared to 1.6 billion pounds This comes as a continuation of the distinguished results achieved by Banque du Caire over the past years. With a strong capital base and financial position, where the average compounded capital adequacy criterion reached 23 .21 %, and the bank maintained the rate of return on average equity at a rate of 100 %, and a rate of return on average assets of 1.6% at the end of December 2021, as total assets jumped to record 1452 billion pounds with a growth rate of 100% Compared to 320 billion pounds by the end of the year 2020.

“Fayed” indicated that the growth of the bank’s operating profits and revenues was achieved despite the increase in the volume of spending and investment in infrastructure, especially technological and human resources, which took on a great importance. By the bank’s board of directors, pointing to the recording of capital expenditures of 3.7 billion pounds until the end of the fiscal year 2021.

The results of the bank’s business reflect the strength of its financial performance, its geographical spread and the diversity of its portfolio Bank of Cairo is also keen on strengthening and developing the portfolio in various sectors such as financing major companies, syndicated loans, medium, small and micro companies, in addition to retail banking.

The portfolio of major companies and banks increased to reach about 54 billion pounds by the end of the year 2021, an increase of 54 % compared to the end of the year 2020, and the retail loan portfolio increased by about EGP 4 billion, with a growth rate 780 % for the fiscal year 1452 to reach a total The portfolio amounted to about 54. 4 billion pounds by the end of the year 2021.

During the year 2021 Banque du Caire participated in financing major projects being implemented in Egypt. for a state, whether through financing government projects and development projects in various sectors, most notably the industrial sectors, petrochemicals, transportation, electricity, contracting, petroleum, housing projects, real estate developers projects in line with the visions and directions of the state to achieve development.

(The bank also succeeded in managing and arranging many syndicated loans in various aspects of the economy, whether in the industrial, real estate or service sectors, which was reflected in the size of the new market share of Banque du Caire in the field of syndicated loans, which made our bank one of the leading and competitive banks in arranging and managing loans.)

Proceeding from the vital role represented by small, medium and micro enterprises in achieving development goals, the Bank has achieved outstanding results in financing this sector by achieving a growth rate 15 % at the end of December 2021 compared to the end of December 2020, where the total portfolio amounted to 15. 3 billion pounds at the end of this year 2022, compared to 320 .7 billion pounds at the end of D December year 1452, this is in addition to an increase in the number of business centers specialized in serving customers of small and medium-sized companies to reach 38 Center in all regions of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

With regard to the customer deposits portfolio, the portfolio has achieved a growth of

. 5 billion pounds at an average rate of 684. % to jump from 198 . 8 billion pounds to 198. 3 billion pounds at the end of 2022 Noting that this increase is due to the restructuring and simplification of work procedures in the branches, the speed of meeting customers’ needs and improving the level of customer service, which led to attracting new parties to deal with the bank, in addition to the expansion of providing a diversified portfolio of innovative products in local and foreign currencies at competitive interest rates.

As part of the bank’s continuous efforts in the field of digital transformation, which the bank is keen to implement since the beginning of the year 2018, the mobile banking and internet banking services witnessed a boom in the number of customers Subscribers to reach more than 259 One thousand clients with a growth rate of 259% at the end of the year 2021 compared to the end of .

The use of the “Cairo Cash” wallet increased to more than 1452 one million pounds, in addition to To a client base of up to 1452. 3 thousand customers with a growth rate of about 320 % at the end of a year 2021 compared to the end of a year 2020 and with a percentage of more than

uses %, which is higher than the targets set Determined by the Central Bank.

The electronic acceptance services through the QR-Code also witnessed a growth rate of approximately 320 % With the total number of merchants reaching 259 one thousand merchants by the end of the year 2021.

In the field of credit cards, the total number of cards by the end of the year 2022 amounted to 320 A thousand cards with an increase of 100 %, with a balance estimated at 732 one million pounds, an increase of 732 % compared to the end of 2020, while the total portfolio of debit and prepaid cards of all kinds at the end of the year 57357 About 2.7 million different types of cards (direct debit, prepaid and salary cards), an increase of 10 % compared to the end of 1452 and the increasing demand for the use of contactless cards by merchants, and the total value of transactions reached 160 One million pounds at the end of this year.

Banque du Caire is the first financial institution in Egypt to launch The service of granting micro-loans digitally at the headquarters of clients’ activities in less than an hour without the client’s need to visit the branch’s headquarters, in an unprecedented step that enhances the bank’s role in supporting the digital transformation system, which contributes to saving time and effort from clients and facilitating the procedures for clients to obtain loans.

Banque du Caire is also the first bank in Egypt and the Middle East to obtain a certificate of protection of customer rights from Microfinanza Agency, where the evaluation was carried out by SMART Company, which is a certified and authorized body, based on what the bank has proven to comply with. And a practice in the microfinance industry and giving priority to the care of customers’ rights.

In the field of bank insurance, the bank offers a variety of packages and insurance programs of varying durations and payment methods designed to meet the different needs of customers, in cooperation with Allianz-Egypt , where it grew at a rate of 100 % over the previous year, in line with With the bank’s plan to provide all services and solutions to serve the broad family sector that Banque du Caire enjoys, and in light of the bank’s pioneering policy also to provide the best possible service to reassure customers at all times and circumstances, in cooperation with Allianz-Egypt, the company has declared to clients that the insurance coverage on Life includes the Corona virus as part of its basic coverage. % compared to the previous year, and Banque du Caire provides a wealth service to major clients with the aim of developing this portfolio The segment of the bank’s existing customers as well as attracting new customers from the Egyptian banking sector by providing an integrated program of services and For banking solutions that are specifically designed to meet the needs of this segment of customers, through a dedicated work team A rack of financial advisors, and the number of “Tharwa Lounges” inside the branches increased to 21 A branch at the end of 2021 and it is intended that their number will reach 255 at the end of 2022, in addition to the priority of obtaining services in all branches of the bank.

As Banque du Caire was keen To be an effective partner in all the initiatives launched by the state for certain sectors of customers, especially the real estate financing and car replacement initiatives.

In the field of geographic expansion, the bank opened and developed A branch to reach the bank’s branch network by the end of the year 2021 Towards 246 a branch and a banking unit in the various governorates of the Republic, to reach customers wherever they are, and provide banking services to them at the highest level of efficiency

The bank is also working on developing and increasing the number of ATMs as one of the most important and largest electronic channels available in the bank, where the bank’s ATM network reaches about

An automatic teller machine, which covers all governorates of the Republic, and a number of old models were replaced in order to provide better service to customers, as the new machines provide different types of Jobs including cash withdrawal, deposit and currency exchange, credit card settlement, bill payment, mobile phone recharge and e-wallet services, and machines are distributed according to geographical survey studies as well as measuring the concentration of bank customers in the cities and villages of different governorates, which included the implementation of the Central Bank of Egypt’s initiative to install The number of 320 automatic teller machines in the Egyptian villages as well as in some villages that are being developed within the initiative of a decent life.

and it succeeded Banque du Caire within a year 2021 in launching its community initiatives that cover various fields to achieve the goals of sustainable development, most notably the areas of training and rehabilitation and creating job opportunities for various segments, led by youth and women breadwinners, which generates sustainable income for them and contributes to Empowering them economically, and the Bank also participated in the reconstruction of 4 villages and more than 198 houses in the governorates The Bank also supported projects financed by the Long Live Egypt Fund, and in support of the medical sector, the Bank directed donations for the benefit of many hospitals, including Ahl Masr Hospital for Free Burns and Magdy Center Yacoub Cardiology Hospital, Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357, People’s Hospital, Red Crescent Hospital, Egyptian Liver Hospital, Baheya Hospital for the free treatment of breast cancer, and many government hospitals, including Mansoura University hospitals, and others. The Bank also continued to launch its bGreen initiative to preserve the environment, which contributed In implementing many environmental projects, most notably the beach cleaning initiatives and spreading environmental awareness among students in 193 school and others, to In addition to launching good and winter caravans as an annual habit that the bank adopts, and in the field of education, the bank has provided scholarships to outstanding students in different universities, as well as paying tuition fees for students who are unable to provide school bags and tools for deserving students in schools, and in support of the sports sector, the bank has been keen to support sports champions In various fields, in addition to the bank’s sponsorship of the activities of the Egyptian Basketball Federation and the championships held by the federation, in addition to participating in supporting the youth activities of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the “Your Bike.. Your Health” initiative in cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and in the field of culture, the Bank sponsored the “I speak” initiative Arab” to support the Egyptian identity in cooperation with the Ministry of Immigration, and the Bank is keen to support people with special needs through several initiatives, including the Hope Village sponsorship and the Touch Your Dream initiative in cooperation with Akhbar Al-Youm Foundation, and the Good Loan Project with Al-Hassan Foundation for more than 100 A person with special needs.

Banque du Caire has won many awards and advanced positions. 2021 One of the major global assessment institutions that sets specific standards and controls for selecting the best institutions in the world, the most important of which is the financial and banking sector, including the award of the most innovative bank in banking services in Egypt for the year 2021 “According to what was announced by The International Banker magazine” and the best bank in the field of foreign exchange transactions in Egypt for the year 57357 And the best bank in the field of social responsibility in Egypt for the year 57357 from Global Economics magazine, and the bank won the award for the best local custodian for the year 2020, according to what was announced by the magazine Global Finance Magazine, “Best Egyptian Bank in Treasury Management”, “Foreign Exchange Transactions”, “Fixed Income Instruments” and “Liquidity Management” according to The European magazine for the second year in a row, the most sustainable bank in Egypt for the year 2021 According to International Business magazine, Best in International Banking Transactions in Egypt for the year 2021 and Best in “Foreign Exchange Transactions” for the year 57357 According to the classification of International Finance magazine, which reflects the achievement of the integrated development plan pursued by the bank and the distinguished performance it has achieved in the various sectors of the banking work in the bank.