Leather Industry Chamber: The large increase in the prices of production requirements is exaggerated and everyone must unite

Iman Al-Wasili

Al-Samalouti: 30 % rise in raw materials prices since the beginning of the year.. We appeal to traders to support the sector

(Abu Hilqa:

% decrease in the production capacity of factories .. and an expected increase in the price of the final product

Cairo March 23, 2022

The Chamber of Leather Industry in the Federation of Egyptian Industries appealed to dealers of production requirements for shoes and leather products to control prices and stop the exaggerated rises in recent months, which have negative effects on the sector and led to a decline in production, stressing the need for everyone to unite to bring the sector to safety and overcome the global economic crises that It affected all industrial sectors.

Head of the Leather Industry Chamber, Jamal Al Samalouti, said during the Chamber’s Board of Directors meeting that

the prices of production requirements for the leather sector witnessed a significant increase It has been exaggerated during the last period by a percentage ranging from 15 to 75%, indicating that the increase in prices takes place on a daily basis, which affects the production process of factories.

Al-Samalouti demanded that traders adjust prices And standing side by side with the industrial sector in this difficult period, calling for increased control over the markets to control prices to protect the local industry from stopping. Traders refuse to sell production requirements despite their availability in their stores, which leads to a reduction in supply and an increase in prices.

The head of the Leather Industry Chamber added that in the event of an exaggerated increase in the prices of production requirements, the chamber will knock on all doors and communicate with all The concerned authorities to address these increases that negatively affect the leather sector.

Yahya Abu Haleqa, Vice President of the Leather Industry Chamber, said that this increase in the prices of production requirements started 4 months ago and continues to this day, stressing that it has caused disruption. The production process in shoes and leather products factories, where production decreased by up to 50%, in addition to the closure of a large number of small workshops due to their inability to keep pace with the exaggerated rise in prices.

Abu Haleqa added that the increase in the prices of raw materials will lead to an increase in the prices of goods The final result is up to 50%, stressing the need for manufacturers and traders to come together to overcome this crisis. In the Federation of Egyptian Industries, the nomination of Gamal Al Samalouti for membership in the Tax and Customs Committee was approved, Mahmoud Odeh for the African Cooperation Committee, Mohamed Yahya Zalat for the Small and Medium Enterprises Committee, Karim Abdel Maqsoud for the Social Security Committee, Nader Al Kabeer for the Supply and Internal Trade Committee, Raafat Al Khayat for the Committee to Deepen Industry and Local Production , Mustafa Allam for the Exhibitions Committee, Alaa Al-Nimr for the Specifications and Quality Committee, and Nadia Khalil for the Businesswomen’s Committee.

Mustafa Allam, head of the Exhibitions Committee at the Leather Industry Chamber, presented during the meeting, the harvest of the Cairo International Leather Fair, which was recently organized by the Chamber with the participation of 75 An exhibitor company of the largest companies working in the leather industry, production requirements, production machines and service providers. It shows the extent of the development that This industry witnessed it, confirming the success of a large number of companies participating in the exhibition in concluding export contracts.

The meeting dealt with the Leather Industry Chamber’s plan to provide an appropriate health care program for factory and workshop owners and workers.

In this context, Mahmoud Odeh, Chairman of the Membership Committee of the Leather Industry Chamber, said that negotiations are currently underway with one of the major health care companies to provide its services to the members of the Chamber and their employees, so that all solutions and programs for integrated health care services are provided to members, which allows the subscriber to access high-quality medical service with less Cost.