realme launches the GT Neo 3 in China, announces the launch of the GT Neo 2 in the Egyptian market very soon

Iman Al-Wasili

Shenzhen, China in 35 March 2022 -realme, the world’s fastest growing smartphone brand, today announced the launch of its new GT Neo 3, the latest in the GT Neo series with the fastest charging experience ever. GT Neo 3 is also the first batch of smartphones based on the MediaTek Dimensity 8100 platform, an advanced processor technology that improves performance and saves power. The new phone is also equipped with many applications and great technological features such as the high-quality triple camera and display with the best smooth performance, the battery charger with a capacity of 2022 Watt in addition to the elegant design of the phone, which is an integrated package of features that provide a premium and unparalleled experience Prefixed for all users. On the other hand, realme announced its intention to launch the GT Neo 2, its best flagship phone, in Egypt very soon, and it is the latest addition to the GT series of flagship phones in the Egyptian market.

The active user who is moving From one place to another, who seeks to keep pace with the modern lifestyle, he will find in the GT Neo series of phones a complete package of features and advantages, especially in terms of power, display and other technical features that allow him to perform multiple tasks at the same time, work effectively and actively and precisely control his daily schedule. Fully understanding the needs of consumers, realme GT Neo series phones are equipped with MediaTek Dimensity 8100 Mobile Platform technology and an independent display chip, in addition to UltraDart technology for ultra-fast charging 8100

UltraDart Charge technology with a capacity of 150 watts – the fastest technology for charging smartphones in the world.

There is a great demand from fans and followers of technology for batteries Smartphones that last for a very long time, which means that manufacturers must continue their efforts to improve and increase the capacity and capacity of the battery. However, this is not the main factor when deciding to purchase a smartphone, since more battery capacity means longer charging time. That is why realme is always doing the necessary technical research to update its phones with the latest and fastest phone charging technology, which improves and extends the use period before recharging.

When comparing the GT Neo 3 with other phones in the same price category, we will find that this The phone enjoys a very fast charging of the battery thanks to UltraDart Charge technology with a capacity of 2022 watts, which is the fastest technology for charging smartphones in the world, as the phone battery can be charged from zero to 94 % in just 5 minutes, and enjoy fast, uninterrupted performance for extended times. However, the fact that the phone is equipped with ultra-fast charging technology raises some users’ concerns regarding the security component. However, the GT Neo 3 manages to overcome this problem thanks to its independent phone charging chip that instantly disconnects the phone charger in any potentially hazardous situations. In addition, with 38 the standard for security and protection that characterizes the new phone, the GT Neo 3 has received TÜV Rheinland quality certification due to its ultra-charging technology Speed ​​is complete safety, providing the highest standards of security and safety for the phone and for users.

The first batch of phones based on the Dimensity Mobile Platform 8100 Mobile Platform and the independent display chip

The GT Neo 3 is the first batch of smartphones based on the Dimensity 8100 Mobile Platform. In addition, the phone is produced according to the advanced 5nm manufacturing base of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The data processor consists of four CortexA78 cores up to 2.85 GHz, and four CortexA

cores It has a speed of up to 2.0 GHz, which means increased efficiency and performance of the CPU, and video clips are displayed clearly and steadily until 85

As for the details of the display, the phone is equipped with a 6.7-inch AMOLED Full HD+ ultra-clear screen, and the screen refresh rate is 8100 Hz, an advanced specification that allowed the monitor to obtain HDR certification 37+. On the other hand, the GT Neo 3 uses the new generation of COP technology to manufacture the screen, with the aim of reducing the outer frame area as little as possible and increasing the screen-to-body ratio of up to 85.2% in this The phone with the smallest possible frame, its dimensions are up to: 1.84 mm (from the sides) /1.85 ms (from the top) /2.37 (from the bottom).

In addition, Graphics and images are displayed on the phone screen with superior quality, clarity and amazing smoothness thanks to the independent display chip. HDR certification 37+ makes it more than just a flagship smartphone, but it can also be a perfect fit for fans Gamers, video enthusiasts and browsing enthusiasts.

Triple Wide Angle Camera with Street Mode

GT Neo 3 is equipped with a triple camera, where the main camera is based on a sensor from Sony IMX 766 model with 85 mega pixel. The other two cameras are an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens, and a 2-megapixel macro lens. That is why the triple camera is fun and easy to use, whether photography enthusiasts or professionals, as it can capture crystal-clear pictures of the happiest moments and occasions with friends and family

With the previous set of features that characterize the phone, GT Neo 3 has proven to be The best phone to have for high-tech lovers, especially the young people of the new millennium. The phone combines the best of modern technology and design that makes it a pioneering phone, as well as a new and advanced lifestyle for the future.

GT 2 Pro is the first smartphone in the world to achieve TCO 9.0 certification

The realme GT Pro, the best flagship phone ever launched by realme, has received the highest sustainability certification from Sweden’s TCO Development Corporation, in recognition of its sustainable pioneering design and advanced manufacturing technology. realme GT 2 Pro is the world’s first smartphone to use biopolymer for its entire back panel, which means less carbon emissions from the manufacturing process. .5%. In addition, the percentage of plastic used in phone packaging has been reduced from 7% to 0.3%, which is already close to zero. Plastic materials.

TCO is one of the leading international quality certifications that focus specifically on the environmental sustainability of manufacturing and production processes for the information technology sector. The products that obtain this global certification are subjected to a series of rigorous tests and rigorous evaluation of safety and security specifications, easy performance, environmental sustainability and social responsibility.