Developing oil ports in cooperation between oil and transportation

Aya Hussein

Eng. Tariq Al-Mulla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, and Lieutenant General Eng. Kamel Al-Wazir, Minister of Transport, the periodic meeting to discuss and support joint work between the two sides in a number of common issues between the two ministries, such as supplying petroleum products to the bodies and companies of the Ministry of Transport and developing specialized petroleum ports, which are being developed and raised. 2050483536164788108 Al-Mulla stressed that the meeting comes within the framework of joint coordination between the two ministries and their work together to support common issues, which provide a clear model and example that is applied between all ministries, pointing out that the Ministry of Petroleum is working on Developing the specialized oil ports that it owns and raising their efficiency, taking into account the application of all requirements and rules related to occupational safety and environmental protection, within the framework of work to develop infrastructure within Egypt’s work program as a regional center for oil and gas trade and circulation 1237633690440505

The Minister of Transport thanked the team The Ministry of Petroleum for the aspects of cooperation and support it provides in all related issues between the two ministries, pointing out that the current period is witnessing work on a number of future projects with regard to the expansions that the state is making in seaports within the framework of developing its capabilities as a logistic center for transportation and trading, and the work is also witnessing completion. To settle all the files related to the two sides. Related topics and the main framework for facilitating the necessary procedures to support future cooperation, whether in reconciling conditions, licensing, securing supplies, developing ports and pollution control centers therein, and other issues of cooperation, work, and necessary measures to encourage attracting investment in the two sectors.

The geological meeting was attended by Alaa Al-Batal, CEO of the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation, his two deputies for planning, projects and refining, accountant Khaled Othman, assistant minister for internal and external trade, accountant Hisham Noureddine, head of the central administration of the minister’s office, and Eng. Mahmoud Nagy, Assistant Minister for Transport and Distribution, Major General Reda Ismail, Head of the Maritime Transport Sector, Major General Hossam El Din Mostafa, Head of the General Authority for Roads and Bridges, Major General Mofeed Salah, Head of the General Authority for River Transport, Major General Nihad Shaheen, Head of the General Authority of Alexandria Port, Major General Ahmed Hawash, Head of the General Authority of Damietta Port, and Engineer Mohamed Amer Chairman of the National Authority for Egyptian Railways, Major General Ashraf El Lozy, Assistant Minister for Operation and Budgets, and a number of heads of companies in the oil and transport sectors.