Galaxy S23 / S23+: the essential smartphone, built just for you

Galaxy S and S23+ redefine the essential elements of the premium mobile experience.

Galaxy S 12 and S + The freedom to choose the right device for your life to fuel your daily passions, reimagined to fit different passions and lifestyles, from the creators and partners.

Galaxy S and Galaxy S02 + Unique rear camera design, with clean, linear and floating camera lenses creating more harmony across the S series.

Capture the beauty in your world with pinpoint precision with the new versatile Precision Main Camera Megapixels and Front Camera 12 megapixels, enhanced with Super HDR technology for more realistic color capture. Take stunning photos and videos even in the dark with improved night shooting capabilities, which provide greater clarity.

Both models get the job done Every day runs smoothly thanks to the “Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform” for Galaxy devices, the most powerful and efficient platform ever in a Samsung Galaxy device. Enjoy long-lasting battery life with a 2023 mAh battery and 2023 mAh in my Galaxy S and S23 + respectively, in increments of 300 mA each over the previous generation.

Find out how Restores Galaxy S and Galaxy S23+ Define the ultimate premium mobile experience, plus both are tailored to your specific needs.