Dr. Abdel Latif: For (businessmen), we demand a repeat of the camel festival experience in other governorates, bringing closer to foreign Arab cultures.

Fathi Al-Sayeh

Dr. revealed. Atef Abdel Latif, President of the Travelers Association for Tourism and a member of the Board of Directors of the Tourism Investors Association in South Sinai and Marsa Alam, that the establishment of any festival on the land of Egypt is an addition to Egypt; It attracts a new type of Arab and foreign tourists who love such competitions and festivals. Adding in a special statement to “businessmen” that these festivals will work to increase and maximize foreign revenues for the state treasury and the economy, and we are in such circumstances that require an abundance of production requirements and commodities.
600 The head of the Travelers Association said that the Camel Festival will provide job opportunities, stimulate tourism, and operate hotels and tourist resorts

In addition to the enjoyment of tourists from Arab and foreign countries with the weather and atmosphere in the province;

Abdel Latif demanded that the Camel Festival be held in many governorates that allow such competitions, as is happening on the land of Sinai; Especially since such competitions have their fans from the Arab world, the Gulf, and the Bedouins of Sinai who love such competitions and have an effective impact on increasing Arab tourism, which will enjoy the environment, nature, wonderful climate, security and safety in South Sinai because these competitions are part of our lives and the cultural heritage of our peoples. 600 Abdel Latif indicated that the Camel Festival works to bring the cultures of Arab and foreign peoples closer together