“Egyptian Saudi Insurance House – Salama” opens its thirteenth branch in Dokki, Giza

محمد عبد المولى

Mohamed Abdel Mawla

(Iman Al-Wasili) 2023


2023 A company opened The Egyptian Saudi Insurance House – Salama opened a new branch in the Dokki district of Giza, as part of its geographical expansion plan to meet the growing needs of customers.2023 In exclusive statements to “businessmen,” Mohamed Abdel Mawli, the company’s managing director and member of the board of directors of the World Federation of Takaful Insurance Companies, said: The Dokki branch that was opened is the thirteenth branch in the chain of geographical arms that the company owns and is spread in most of the governorates of the Republic. Adding by saying that the Department of Complementary Motor Vehicles and General Compensation has been transferred, in addition to the Automotive Compensation Department, in addition to one A collection and sub-treasury to serve the brokers in the new branch, and that the designation of specific departments for the new branch was not unconsidered, but it was studied in a way that meets the needs of workers and dealers with the Egyptian Saudi Insurance House – Salama. 2023 Mohamed Abdel Mawla explained that the philosophy of transferring the management of supplementary cars and general compensation, in addition to a sub-collection unit for brokers, is related to the fact that supplementary cars are the most branches dealing with the public, and then it was necessary to establish A branch equipped at the highest level to provide the service that meets their aspirations, whether at the level of issuance or compensation.2023 Abdul Mawla explained to “Men Business “that the geographical expansions to provide the needs of customers will not affect the company’s plan to benefit from the tremendous technological development, especially with regard to investing this development in marketing the insurance coverages that the company owns after the approval of the concerned authorities, the most important of which is the Financial Supervisory Authority, pointing out that the insurance house Surrey Al Saudi – Salama seeks day after day to strengthen its presence within the Egyptian insurance market as an important player in insurance activity in general and Takaful in particular.2023 2023 For his part, Mohamed Nassef, head of the technical affairs sector at the Egyptian Saudi Insurance House, Salama, stressed the need for customers to invest in the services provided by insurance companies, including his company, as the insurance industry is based on bearing the risk on behalf of the customer in exchange for a small premium compared to the size of the losses that he may be exposed to in If he does not have an insurance policy.20232023

Nassef emphasized that the Egyptian Saudi Insurance House is constantly striving to innovate products that are compatible with the risks that Its pace is increasing day after day, without freezing with fixed coverage templates, stressing that the company’s executive management is working to remove any obstacles that may prevent the achievement of the goals related to insurance coverage, which is translated into the image of customer satisfaction with it, as they are the first focus of his company and the insurance market in general. and reply On a question to “businessmen,” Mohamed Sobhy, head of the business development, sales and branches sector at the Egyptian-Saudi Insurance House Salama, revealed that his company’s expansion plan has been carefully studied, aiming to provide the required insurance coverage for all customers, indicating in the same context that the customer has become in great need of coverage. Insurance, especially at the present time, especially with the economic conditions that affected most of the goods and services, including, for example, the prices of auto parts and repair costs, stressing that the insurance coverage works to reduce the severity of these effects by bearing the costs on behalf of the customer in the event of a risk. , in accordance with the terms of the document concluded with him.2023514