Aston Martin celebrates its 110th anniversary with a special celebratory logo on its AMR 23

Ai Hussain

The British Grand Prix™ marks the climax of the year to celebrate the 110 anniversary of Aston Martin’s racing career

• New Market Research Confirms Aston Martin’s Popularity and Prestige in Formula 1®

Aston Martin, the luxury car brand, celebrates anniversary The 110 anniversary of its career full of distinguished participation in the world of racing, by displaying a special festive logo on its cars throughout the 2023 season of the Formula World Championship 1 organized by the FIA.

The celebratory crest bears the words 110 years of glory alongside Aston Martin’s iconic wings, which were redesigned in 2022 Within the framework of a new visual identity that reflects the future direction of the company. This emblem appears for the first time on the front of the new Aston Martin AMR , which is set to be driven by experienced driver Lance Stroll alongside the reigning Formula World Champion. 1 Twice Fernando Alonso.

The anniversary celebrations of the company continue throughout the year 2023, reaching their climax during the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, where special activities are held To celebrate the achievements of the leading British company in the past, present and future.

Aston Martin is looking forward to an exceptional year in 2023, as it intends to announce a new era in producing the most luxurious, best-performing and most powerful cars from During the launch of its first sports car of the new generation.

This year also witnesses the completion of the first phase of the construction of the new and advanced headquarters of the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula 1 racing team, which is located in Silverstone and extends over an area of ​​​​400 thousand square feet ( thousand square meters). The team’s headquarters, which hosted the launch ceremony today, aims to expand the horizons of technical cooperation between racing cars and road cars through the establishment of an advanced facility for wind tunnel tests and simulations. It allows Aston Martin Lagonda to develop its products known for their superior performance.

Aston Martin’s presence among the world’s motor racing elite is one of the most important pillars of the brand’s strategy and its outstanding performance, as market research confirms the impact of Formula 1® racing in enhancing The status of Aston Martin and its interactive presence with the public, in addition to increasing the spread of its brand in key markets.

Research indicates more interest than % of Aston Martin customers around the world love Formula 1® racing, with the racing being so popular around the world today. The research also focuses on the company’s data in the United States, the largest commercial market for Aston Martin, which plans to host three major championships for the first time in its history this year, as it indicated that the brand’s presence in the Formula 1® championship encouraged 96% of customers are considering buying an Aston Martin. % of customers find that the fame gained by the brand from its presence in Formula 1 circuits increases its position in the areas of technological advancement and superior performance, and makes the feeling of driving an Aston Martin more exciting

Commenting on this topic, Lawrence Stroll, CEO of the Aston Martin Board of Directors, said: “We are pleased to celebrate 110 years since the entry of Aston Martin. The racetrack, and we anticipate that 2023 will be an exciting year in our proud history that will bring more remarkable achievements to the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula 1 Team, and to our growing range of luxury road sports cars.

“Today, Formula 1® is a sport that enjoys huge global popularity, making Aston Martin’s return to the racetrack a huge impact on our brand and product image. Market research has shown the importance of our cars’ presence in Formula 1 racing by increasing brand awareness and strengthening its position with the new generation of customers. Formula 1® racing also cements the performance of Aston Martin cars, which is an essential part of our strategy and our desire to compete in the most prestigious sport in the world, while raising the levels of this performance when the construction of our new state-of-the-art home in Silverstone is completed.”

This season, Aston Martin continues to produce the iconic Vantage Formula 1 Edition from its sports car manufacturing facility in Gaydon. The horsepower supercar is famous for being the company’s first model to bear the Formula 1® logo, and has met with remarkable success after serving as the official safety car for Formula 1® racing since 2008. 2021, which continues to perform this season on the most famous racetracks in the world alongside the Aston Martin DBX medical car.

Sport contributes Formula 1 has had a positive impact on Aston Martin’s presence in global markets and increased its popularity with new customers, as data confirms that 72% of Aston Martin Vantage Formula car owners 1® Edition is a new customer for the brand.

The Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula 1® Racing Team kicks off the 2023 season of the FIA ​​Formula 1 World Championship ™ by participating in the Gulf Air Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix on March 5th 2023.