“The Egyptian Swiss Pasta and Concentrates” participates in Gulfood Dubai 2023

Ashraf Tawfik

“Egyptian Swiss” seeks to expand in Europe, West Africa and America

“Sebai”: Contracts with new Moroccan companies to manufacture sauce for it

The Egyptian Swiss Group for Mills, Pasta and Concentrates is participating in the Gulfood Dubai exhibition 2023 in its session 20, aiming to expand in Exporting and entering new markets, as well as an African tour that started in Morocco this month.

The Gulfood Dubai exhibition 2023 will be held during the period (: ) this February, with the participation of

a company from more than 120 country, while about 72 Egyptian companies participate in various sectors, and the exhibition is one of the largest exhibitions specialized in food and beverages globally.

He said Eng. Ahmed El Sebaei, General Manager of the Egyptian Swiss Group for Mills, Pasta and Concentrates, said that the group is keen to participate annually in the Gulfood Dubai exhibition, as it is the largest food exhibition in the region and provides export opportunities to many markets.

He indicated « Al-Sebaei pointed out that the group aims to expand in existing markets, primarily West Africa and other countries Arab countries, while seeking to seize a larger share of the European market during the current year, to benefit from these countries’ search for products at a lower price with high inflation rates and low purchasing power.

He said that “Egyptian Swiss” exports its products to more than of 30 countries, and France, the Netherlands and Sweden were the most recent export markets, allocating about 72% of their production to the domestic market and % for exports, while it seeks to raise this percentage to 30% for exports during the current year

He noted that there has been a noticeable demand by the European and American markets during the recent period for pasta and sauce products, benefiting from the decrease in the supply of food.

He indicated that the production capacities of pasta factories in Egypt are large and capable

The Egyptian Swiss Group for Mills, Pasta and Concentrates includes a factory for the production of pasta with a production capacity of 8 thousand tons per month, and a flour mill 72% with a capacity of 30 one thousand tons per month, and a sauce factory with a capacity of 3 thousand tons per month.
He added that the depreciation of the Egyptian pound raised the competitiveness of the Egyptian product in the global market, and provided a greater opportunity to increase exports during the coming period.

He pointed out that the group has a plan to launch a commercial tour in Several African countries this year, which they started in Morocco this February while seeking to organize visits to West African countries and Libya.

It was mentioned that the group was able to enter Morocco a year and a half ago, and succeeded in seizing a good share in The sauce market in a short time, through its manufacture of Moroccan brands.

He explained that the group’s visit to Morocco resulted in contracts with new companies in the sauce, while it intends to launch its brand “Amazement” in Morocco during the current year in cooperation With one of the major distribution companies in Casablanca, in addition to the current dealings with the largest Moroccan distribution companies. At the Anuga exhibition in Germany, and Fancy Food in America, in addition to its plan to participate in specialized exhibitions that are held in African countries to get acquainted with closely on export opportunities in the target markets.