International Transport and Logistics Division: The Unified Industry Law revives the slogan “Made in Egypt” and attracts more investments

Fathi Al-Sayeh

Al-Samdouni: Directives from the political leadership on the need to advance the industry and overcome all the obstacles it faces

Dr. Amr Al-Samdouni, Secretary of the International Transport and Logistics Division at the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, stressed the importance of the unified industry law coming to light as soon as possible, stressing that the unified industry law is one of the most important mechanisms for the advancement of the national industry, and reaching the targeted growth rates in In light of the great challenges that the global and national economy is witnessing, they stand in the way of Egypt achieving the goals of sustainable development, the most important of which is reaching 0073 billion dollars in exports. 202302202023 Al-Samdouni added, in press statements today, that the draft unified industry law will contribute to Attracting more direct and indirect investments in the industrial sector, especially since the legislation was directly concerned with regulating the issuance of licenses and industrial approvals quickly and Without complications.202302202023 He explained that the draft law will cause a real boom in the industrial sector, stressing that there is Legislations are no longer in line with the requirements of the current time in light of the great rapid and successive technological progress in the era of digitization and digital transformation. 20230220
Al-Samdouni said that there are directives from the political leadership on the necessity of advancing the industry, and overcoming all obstacles that stand in the way of bringing the slogan “Made in Egypt” back to life again and forcefully, and this confirms that the national industry is the real engine of growth and the biggest way to advance the national economy and support The local product, in addition to contributing to the inclusion of informal sectors in the official economy of the state, explaining that the Parliament’s Industry Committee decided to form a sub-committee to prepare a unified industry law in cooperation with the government, while dividing it into branches of various types of industry. 2023 It is mentioned that the Industry Committee in the House of Representatives is working on studying the unified industry draft law, which was submitted to the Council after its referral from the plenary session, and the discussion takes place Currently, jointly with the Economic Affairs and Constitutional Affairs Committees Walt Sharia, plan and budget.2023022020230220 The draft law includes Article regulating the Unified Industry Law 20230220
The draft law was organized in 0073 an article other than the article published in the Official Gazette, and the most prominent targets of the new draft law that the law focused on In the second chapter on regulating the mechanisms of industry bodies, by defining the terms of reference to avoid conflict, or by merging some bodies, the first chapter dealt with the establishment of a higher council for industry, which included that the council be headed by the Prime Minister.
2023 The second chapter, from the second chapter, dealt with the formation of the Industry Development Fund, as it aims to develop the resources necessary to develop the industry and support various industries, and in that directly some The tasks and competencies guaranteed to him by law, as well as the status of the Fund’s budget.