Huawei Technologies launches the third annual conference of the “Capacity Building” program iTB / ICT Talents Bank

Iman Al-Wasli

The program succeeded in reaching more than 36 thousand male and female students nationwide

• Establishing 36 academics in various public and private universities

• Qualifying Coach

• Honoring the Egyptian teams that won first places in the Huawei International Competition

Amr Talaat : Training and developing the skills of students and graduates throughout the Republic in cooperation with our partners from international companies

Jim Liu: We place youth empowerment at the top of our priorities and strive to make Egypt the digital center for exporting talents at the regional level

CAIRO, FEBRUARY 2023: Huawei, the world leader in mobile solutions, organized Information and Communication Technology, the third annual conference of its pioneering training program “Capacity Building” iTB / ICT Talents Bank, which aims to enhance the competence of Egyptian youth in various fields of information and communication technology, and bridge the gap between new graduates and the requirements of the labor market in most fields and advanced technologies such as intelligence artificial, wiping Aba, networks and more. The “Capacity Building” program contributes to building a base of competencies that contribute to building a digital society based on science and technology, and highlighting Egypt as a regional source of young talents.

The ceremony was attended by Dr. Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications and Technology Information, Mr. Jim Liu, CEO of Huawei Egypt, Dr. Sherif Kishk, Assistant Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research for Smart Governance, Eng. Hussein Sabry, Advisor to the Minister of Manpower for Information and Digital Transformation, and Dr. Ashraf Abdelhak, Undersecretary of the National Telecommunications Institute Engineer / Amr Zayed, Head of Government Relations for Cooperation in the Field of Capacity Building, and Engineer / Asmaa Serageldin, CEO of Huawei Academy Egypt, in addition to a group of university presidents and deans, representatives of companies that contributed to the appointment of graduates of the program, and media representatives.

The annual conference witnessed the graduation of 200 distinguished students, in addition to honoring the young people who achieved first places in the Huawei Global Competition in 2021-2022. In addition to honoring the best Huawei academies in universities and government institutions, the best public and private universities, and trainers from university professors, as well as honoring Huawei Academy student ambassadors.

On the sidelines of the conference, Huawei signed a cooperation protocol with the New Mansoura University, as it is one of the generation of smart universities that aims at global competition in the field of science and technology and the development of culture, with the aim of launching the Huawei Academy within the university to represent Academy No. 81 at the level of Huawei Academies in partnership with public and private universities, which are working to fully achieve the vision of digital transformation in 2030.

The memorandum of understanding was signed by Dr. Ibrahim Moawad, Dean of the College of Computer Science and Engineering and Eng./ Asmaa Serageldin, CEO of Huawei Egypt Academy, in the presence of Prof. Dr. Moawad El-Khouly, President of New Mansoura University, and Mr. Mabin, board member Management and CEO of Government Relations and Strategic Communication at Huawei Egypt. Under the cooperation protocol, Huawei will provide accredited courses for students to transfer technological knowledge and train university students by high-level international experts from Huawei. Huawei will also provide them with summer training opportunities and link them with ICT companies in the Egyptian market.

Dr. Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, said: “The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology is keen to launch more programs and initiatives aimed at training and developing the skills of students and graduates throughout the Republic, in cooperation with our partners from international companies, in order to qualify young people for the labor market and provide them with tools the skills to compete locally and globally; Adding that what we seek is to provide opportunities for young people to develop their capabilities and expertise, pointing out that the communications and information technology sector is the highest growth among all sectors of the state, which places a responsibility on the sector in order to remain the locomotive of development, which will not be achieved without interest in the field of training and capacity building.

The minister added that 3 years ago, the ministry began cooperating with Huawei within a group of international companies in pioneering initiatives to build capacity and train university students, pointing out that the experience paid off and enabled the trainees to obtain

He explained that employment rates are monitored after the implementation of training programs and initiatives; Pointing out that there are high rates of employment for these trainees; Pointing out that there is cooperation with Huawei to build digital capabilities and skills in many important disciplines such as cybersecurity and networks. between the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Huawei, which aims to qualify the Egyptian student to compete in the local and international labor markets, and to keep pace with the requirements of the future, which has a direct impact on building a distinguished generation of Egyptian university graduates.”

He stressed that this cooperation is in line with the strategy of the Ministry of Higher Education, as it develops and implements the necessary plans and strategies based on the needs of the labor market, and provides ways to develop teaching systems in universities, and support them with modern technological technologies, to bridge the gap between university education expertise and the labor market, and that the Ministry is looking forward to achieving More constructive and sustainable cooperation in order to develop students’ talents and increase employment opportunities.

Eng. Hussein Sabry, Advisor to the Minister of Manpower for Information and Digital Transformation, praised the continuous cooperation with Huawei Technologies in order to achieve Digital transformation in various fields. The Ministry of Manpower seeks to develop and train Egyptian youth across the republic on the latest technology, so that they are qualified to compete in the global labor market.”

He indicated that the Huawei iTB program contributes to bridging the digital gap in The labor market, by providing job opportunities for young graduates with competitive skills and capabilities, which reflects positively on keeping pace with the latest technological developments to support digital transformation efforts in Egypt according to Egypt’s vision 2030, and its keenness to empower and enhance the potential of young cadres.

Dr. Ashraf Abdel-Haq, Undersecretary of the National Telecommunications Institute, expressed his pride in the cooperation with Huawei Technologies, which started more than 20 years. He stressed that Huawei’s Capacity Bank program has focused, since its launch, on building a better future in the field of communications and information technology by developing the skills of young people, in order to ensure the efficiency of digital services provided, open new horizons and provide more job opportunities.

He added: “Our celebration this year coincides with the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the National Telecommunications Institute, which is committed to providing the necessary support and training programs to develop the capabilities of human cadres working in the telecommunications sector, in line with the requirements of the labor market. Through the Capacity Bank program, they are empowered and provided with the most important skills according to a sustainable vital system that keeps pace with the latest technological developments.”

He pointed out that the iTB program contributes to the exchange of experiences and facilitating trainees’ access to appropriate opportunities in the labor market, and that the institute He is keen on geographical expansion by establishing academies at the local level.

On this occasion, Mr. Jim Liu, CEO of Huawei Egypt, thanked and appreciated all success partners for their fruitful and constructive cooperation in empowering Egyptian youth, and directed Congratulations to the students who won the global Huawei competitions, and said, “Capacity building is the process of developing and strengthening the skills and talents that societies need to survive, adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing world. We believe that youth are the main catalyst and the main pillar for achieving comprehensive development. Therefore, we have assumed the responsibility of raising and enhancing the efficiency of young cadres to lead the information and communication technology sector through our continuous cooperation with the Egyptian government in order to achieve digital transformation and reflect positively on society as a whole.

Liu added: “The “Huawei Capacity Building Program” aims to establish a hub to incubate ICT talents, to contribute to building a healthy ICT ecosystem, by providing an opportunity for talents Young and distinguished Egyptians, hone their talents, provide training programs based on innovation, learn about the latest technologies and techniques, and fully prepare for the local and foreign labor market.”

It is worth noting that the “Huawei Capacity Building Program” seeks to cooperate with Relevant ministries and specialized agencies to prepare a new generation of pioneers in the technological labor market, as Huawei launched the pioneering training program “Capacity Bank” iTB / ICT

Talents Bank in Egypt in 2019, and in cooperation with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and the Ministry of Manpower, to support talented Egyptian youth. Within 3 years, the number of these academies has reached 36 academies, in more than 36 universities, Through it, Huawei was able to reach 35 thousand male and female students, and train them on the latest technology such as artificial intelligence, computing, big data, and others. In addition to qualifying a thousand trainers between a professor and a university teacher in cooperation with the National Telecommunications Institute, in line with the digital transformation strategy so that Egypt becomes the technological leader in the Middle East and North Africa region.