In coordination with “ICAO” .. EgyptAir Training Academy hosts a course on “CORSIA” plan to reduce carbon emissions in the aviation industry


Eh Hussain

Within the framework of Egypt’s vision 2030 to achieve the sustainable development goals and based on the strategy of the Ministry of Civil aviation to preserve the environment and face the effects of climate change and reduce carbon emissions in the field of aviation, which comes at the forefront of the priorities of the national company, EgyptAir

The EgyptAir Training Academy, in coordination with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), announced the hosting of an international training course on the global plan to reduce and offset carbon for the global aviation industry approved by ICAO and known as “CORSIA”

The international session is scheduled to be held during the period from

. – 23 Next March, the session will be held “virtually” by lecturers from the organization At the end of the training course, the trainees will obtain an international certificate accredited by ICAO.. Participation in this course will be through registration, which is now available through the following link