The Ministry of International Cooperation and the European Union hold the second meeting of the Steering Committee of the Program to Combat Illegal Immigration Challenges

Aya Hussein

The Ministry of International Cooperation and the European Union delegation in Egypt and the Fund held The European Emergency Union for Africa The second meeting of the Steering Committee of the program “Combating Migration Challenges in Egypt” funded within the framework of the European Emergency Fund for Africa, with a value of 35. 6 Million Euros (35 One Million Euros Grant from the European Union and 3.5 Million Euros Grant from Other Contributions).

The meeting was attended by representatives of the European Union, Egyptian beneficiaries, organizations and implementing agencies. During the meeting, the activities implemented by each project and plans were reviewed. implementation during the remaining years of the program’s life, in addition to discussing the challenges and how to face them in order to complete all projects within the time frame specified for the program.
5941141582643419 The program aims to combat illegal immigration, people smuggling and human trafficking and work to find solutions to address the problem The main social and economic reasons causing this phenomenon, in the governorates that export the most migration and the governorates affected by migration through the implementation of the following seven projects:
5941141582643419 The project “Tackling the root causes of irregular migration through labor and employment-intensive projects” implemented by the Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises Development Agency, with a value of 17 million euros in the governorates of Minya, Assiut, Dakahlia, Buhaira, Sharkia, Fayoum, Gharbia, Qalyubia, Kafr El-Sheikh, Luxor.

The project “Capacity Building through the Development of Infrastructure Works in Areas Affected by Illegal Immigration” implemented by the German Agency for International Cooperation under the supervision of the Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities and the Urban Areas Development Fund in the amount of Total 02, 5 million Euros ( One million euros from the European Union and 3.5 million euros from Germany’s contribution) in the governorates of Beheira, Alexandria, and Assiut.
“Education is fun” program A plan to promote employment in areas affected by migration” implemented by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs – the office of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation in Cairo under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and Technical Education and the Ministry of Trade and Industry, with a value of 6 million euros in Sharkia Governorate. 7818849560338202080
The project “Facing the economic causes leading to illegal immigration” implemented through the direct management of the National Council for Women with a value of 4.6 million euros in the governorates of Buhaira, Kafr Al-Sheikh, Al-Minya, Al-Fayoum The Spanish Agency for International Development under the supervision of the National Coordinating Committee to Combat Illegal Immigration and Human Trafficking with a value of 3 million euros in the governorates of Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Ismailia, Port Said and Hurghada.

“Health for All” project implemented by the German Red Cross Society under the supervision of the Egyptian Red Crescent Society, the Swiss Red Cross, the Ministry of Health and Population and the Ministry of Social Solidarity, with a value of 1.4 million euros in the governorates of Al-Qah Rah and Alexandria.
5941141582643419 The project “Combating the insular causes of migration and supporting communities in Upper Egypt” implemented through the organization Plan International under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Solidarity and the National Council for Motherhood and Childhood, at a value of 1,35 million euros in the governorates of Sohag and Assiut.
5941141582643419 It is worth noting that Egypt enjoys a strong partnership with the European Union, as the current cooperation portfolio between Egypt and the European Union amounts to about 1.35 €1 billion in grants to support several sectors, including transport, small and medium enterprises, sustainable energy, the environment, social protection, stability promotion, governance, capacity building and civil society; This is in addition to Egypt benefiting from many European initiatives and regional cooperation programs.