A training program for auditors of the Accreditation and Supervision Authority to advance the comprehensive health insurance system

Aya Hussein

Dr. Ahmed Taha, Chairman of the General Authority for Accreditation and Supervision, confirmed Health, the importance of exchanging common knowledge and experiences with international counterparts to ensure standardization with international quality levels, welcoming the first fruits of cooperation with the Canadian International Accreditation Authority as one of the most important and oldest international accreditation bodies in the field of health care quality, within the framework of the authority’s quest to obtain international accreditation To its auditors from the International Society for Health Care Quality (ESCWA) as part of the sustainability of building the institutional capacities of the Health Accreditation and Control Authority.

This came During his opening speech of the activities of the intensive training program organized by the Health Accreditation and Control Authority for the Authority’s auditors in cooperation with the Canadian International Accreditation for Health Care AC and the Health Standards organization HSO, within the framework of the World Bank project to support the comprehensive health insurance system in Egypt.

And The head of the Health Accreditation and Control Authority explained that the training program, held over 5 days in Cairo, aims to ensure a unified interpretation of standards not only at the level of all auditors of the authority, but also at the level of other departments responsible for technical support for health institutions and providing them with self-assessment mechanisms, and overcoming obstacles to ensure Their willingness to join the comprehensive health insurance system, as well as the departments entrusted with following up the continuous commitment to the quality of health services after obtaining registration and accreditation.

The program includes the theoretical aspects of the evaluation process as well as the practical application of the standards in cooperation with the International Medical Center and the Saudi German Hospital, as success partners accredited by the authority.

A reviewer and evaluator from the General Authority for Accreditation and Health Control who are entrusted with carrying out audits of health facilities in accordance with the national standards issued by the Authority, in addition to representatives of the program, participate in the program. The authority is responsible for the departments: technical support for medical facilities, registration and accreditation, medical professions, and the central administration of slavery. Health Department, and representatives of the Public Authority for Health Care.

The specialized training program will include the most important technical and practical skills related to the review process Evaluation of health facilities, including: structuring criteria and how to apply them, schedules of evaluation visits and how to prepare the visit, in addition to the electronic system for awarding evaluation scores, rules for the decision to accredit the health facility, the most important foundations of communication and interaction within the review team, and a tracking system for simulating patient access to health service, And priority places, in addition to the most prominent challenges and solutions facing the evaluator in the field, and how to conduct pre- and post-assessment tests.