Cairo hosts the first regional conference of actuaries

Aya Hussain

The insurance industry is gearing up with its various businesses and the financial industry in general in Egypt and the Arab region to a regional event organized for the first time, which is the “Arab Conference of Actuaries 2023” which will witness the largest gathering of executive actuarial experts and companies from Banking, insurance, pension funds, investment and wealth management companies, financial oversight agencies, health insurance agencies and government ministries under one roof.

1064149635127154039 The conference will be held under the slogan “The World with an Actuarial Eye”.

This event hosted by Cairo in the period 9 – 11 next May each of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic Arab Egypt, the General Authority for Financial Supervision, the National Authority for Social Insurance, the General Authority for Insurance Supervision in Tunisia, the General Arab Union for Insurance and the Afro-Asian Union for Insurance and Reinsurance.

The conference is also supported and spoken by many regional financial institutions such as the Central Bank of Jordan, Cairo University, the Federation of Insurance Companies in Tunisia, Lebanon and Jordan, and the Egyptian Association for Risk Management The Insurance Institute of Egypt, the Egyptian Society of Actuaries, the Moroccan Society of Actuaries, the Tunisian Society of Actuaries, the Lebanese Society of Actuaries, the Society of Arab Actuaries, and the Actuarial Science Club at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.

This conference is being held with platinum sponsorship by (SHMA Consulting) and Milliman Company, and gold sponsorship by the Society of Actuaries (SOA) based in the United States of America.

1064149635127154039 Ibrahim Khalil Ibrahim, CEO of the Bahraini Fintech Roboz Company, which is organizing the conference, said that the conference of actuaries, which is attended by aboutSix hundred participants from managers and experts of the financial, insurance, pension, governmental, economic and academic sectors, aiming to reach analysis and take procedural treatments as well as explore any business opportunities resulting from geopolitical, health, climate and economic challenges that represent risks that greatly affect the global economy, as well as on people’s lives and on the work and plans of companies And governments, pointing out that actuaries, by the nature of their specialization and expertise, are among the best in analyzing risks and providing a comprehensive view on how these risks affect our current and future conditions, indicating that the conference also aims to build a professional platform for the actuarial profession in the Arab world, similar to international actuarial conferences. This is in line with the endeavors of local regulators and the financial industry to develop actuarial talent in the region.

The conference sessions extend over three days, and cover a range of topics of interest to actuaries and executives in the government sector, insurance sectors, capital markets and government pension funds investment managers, financial managers, risk managers, and people interested in managing some of the biggest risks facing humanity.

The conference agenda is designed In a way that frames the vital role played by the actuary and the support he provides in various business environments, through 18 sessions divided into six main axes: actuaries and the government sector, actuaries and the retirement sector, actuaries and financial markets, actuaries and regulators, actuaries and the insurance sector, and actuaries and technology.

Ibrahim added that the conference also aims to highlight and debate the changing nature of the role of the actuary in the new era of artificial intelligence and machine learning. and data science, especially since the conference will provide professional insights and analyzes that also address a range of emerging and important topics in the actuarial, financial and economic aspects.

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