The Olympic Village of the Suez Canal participates in a special pavilion within the activities of the sports exhibition “Expo Sport”

Written by Fathi Al-Sayeh

The Suez Canal Authority participates through the SCOV Olympic Village In the activities of the largest sporting event in the Middle East and Africa, the “Sports Expo” conference and exhibition, which is organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports for the first time under the auspices of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, under the slogan And the initiative to “break your number” in the period from 22 to February 2023 at the Egypt International Exhibition Center in the Fifth Settlement in Pavilion B-9 from ten in the morning until eight in the evening.

The event brings together interested people from various sports fields from all over the world. It also gives athletes the opportunity to shine to empower them and develop their talents, and encourages younger generations to participate in more sports and activities, providing them with an incentive to Directed to the world of good health to promote sports activities in Egypt.

The Suez Canal Authority participates in this sporting event through the special pavilion It has creative ideas and exceptional innovative designs that allow identifying the elements of the Olympic Village through a virtual experience that matches reality with an advanced vision based on the integration of digital technology through virtual reality games, in cooperation with JMK to organize major events.

The Olympic Village of the Suez Canal is an integrated sports city with international specifications, with which the Suez Canal Authority completes its societal role in the Canal region. to become the most prominent sports edifice in the Canal area and the ideal destination for hosting important sporting events, including various stadiums for various sports such as hockey, football, swimming pools, and playgrounds for group games such as football Basketball, handball and volleyball.

The Olympic Village includes many sports facilities, most notably the Qin Stadium The Suez Olympic Stadium, which can accommodate approximately 2023 spectators, enabling it to host important official football matches. The stadium contains a main cabin, two VIP halls, and halls for VIPs and VIP visitors to watch the matches. And enjoy the luxury and privacy, and rooms for holding meetings.
2023 In order to enable all human capabilities, the design of the stadium took into account the reception and entry of people of determination and special abilities through the number of 8 slides, with 2 slides for each grade in the stadium, as well as direct entry gates to the playing field in order to support the state’s efforts to integrate people of determination into society so that each individual has an important role in achieving development and sustainability in society.

(In order to keep up with the requirements of sustainable development, the Olympic Village includes irrigation and drinking water tanks that were designed and implemented with a system of sustainable, environmentally friendly buildings, where the water used within the Olympic Village and groundwater, as well as the water coming from the public drain of the city of Ismailia, are recycled and treated and re-pumped through pumps and receive Groundwater and rainwater flow through the underground drainage network at the bottom of the stadium.