Al-Khalifa Group targets one billion pounds of contractual sales during 2022

Iman Al-Wasili

Al-Khalifa Group aims to achieve contract sales of one billion pounds during


Amr Khalifa, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Khalifa Group, said that the company plans to expand during the coming period in the western Cairo region, specifically in the city of October Gardens and Sheikh Zayed City. The company is currently executing projects with total investments in the two cities amounting to about 650 one million pounds. )

He indicated that the company is studying expansion in Ain Sukhna by launching a new project next year, in order to diversify its investment portfolio and meet the demands of its clients, in addition to the existence of distinguished investment opportunities in Ain Sukhna and attract many clients. to be there on a permanent basis and not only during the summer season.

He made it clear that the group is close to settling the situation of the clients of the Al-Ahram Gardens project, As the situation of about 70 % of customers was settled, and humiliated K after stopping work on the project as a result of stopping construction in the area, which are circumstances beyond the control of the company, stressing that commitment with customers and restoring rights to them is something that the company has not waived in order to maintain a strong and transparent relationship with customers.2022

He added that the company started its work in Al-Ahram Gardens in July 2017 until 2020, then headed to other regions, and the group includes 4 companies, including two real estate development companies, a company specialized in decoration and finishing ArtDeco, and a real estate marketing company that operates with innovative marketing mechanisms in the real estate market.2022

He indicated that the company is implementing two projects in Sheikh Zayed, the land for the first project was obtained in . , the second project was acquired early this year, and the first project is residential and includes villas of various sizes, and the second project is also villas and a commercial area within the project.

He stressed that the company is keen to continue expanding in Sheikh Plus, due to what is characterized by the West Cairo region, which is characterized by the presence of strong demand and diversity in residential segments and the need for housing, which makes it a promising market for It will invest in real estate, and the development implemented by the state in the western Cairo region makes it a destination for investors and customers to benefit from the advantages of this development.

He pointed out that the group seeks to present innovative ideas that combine originality and sophistication and provide the necessary needs for its customers. The company is also working on developing a comprehensive strategy for the future of the real estate market in Egypt with the aim of providing the best quality at an affordable price and forming a long-term partnership relationship with its customers.