Habits that cause weight gain and the ancestral food and water diet to fight obesity and lose weight

د-محمدحافظ ابراهيم

Dr. Muhammad Hafez Ibrahim

Dr. Muhammad Hafez Ibrahim

The US Food and Drug Administration has made it clear that a healthy diet is not limited to giving up bad food choices, but rather getting rid of other bad eating habits. If a person is overweight, poor food choices may not be the cause, but the way they eat meals can be one of the reasons. Where one can choose the contents of his meals wisely, and he must learn how to eat in a way that increases its health benefits and the absorption of vitamins and minerals in it. Therefore, there are habits that can destroy the best weight loss plans, which are:

= Eating fast food: Eating fast food leads to weight gain, as it rarely contains healthy options. The problem with eating fast food is that it contains large amounts of harmful fats and refined sugars, which cause obesity and other problems such as diabetes and heart disease. Also, eating while working increases the secretion of cortisol, a stress hormone, which promotes weight gain, especially in the waist and abdomen.

= Eating in front of the TV and the computer: A person can become obese due to eating while watching a TV program or working on a computer.
2016 = Large, Crowded Plates: Research shows that the size of a plate or bowl that one eats outside of the home can affect how much what he eats If he eats food on larger plates and utensils, the food appears smaller on the plate, and the person feels that he has eaten small amounts. In contrast, if the meal is on a small plate, it appears more voluminous, so it gives a feeling of satisfaction. Experts recommend choosing pale colors. For dishes because red, orange and yellow are bright colors and stimulate the appetite, while muted hues of blue, green or brown are less likely to stimulate the appetite.

= Eating out with friends: People consume more calories while eating with others than eating alone, because conversations distract attention and reduce focus on food and its quantities. On social occasions, a person justifies himself by ordering a sweet or a high-calorie drink. A person may feel that it is expected or socially acceptable to consume more calories in restaurants than at home.
2022 = Eat to relieve stress: When you’re stressed, all you crave is comfort food, like a big bowl of ice cream or a big plate of french fries. But feelings don’t improve when you eat this way, and you can become overweight and your blood sugar level increases, causing insulin production to increase and telling your body to store fat instead of burning it.

The World Health Organization indicated that there are two billion people on earth within the population group who suffer from overweight or obesity. Therefore, the ancestral food diet is a great recipe for fighting obesity. Where obesity has become one of the dilemmas of the era in light of the warnings of serious health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disorders. The modern diet is the most prominent reason for the exacerbation of the phenomenon of overweight and obesity, especially since food has become more abundant after science helped accelerate food production. But what we eat daily to provide our bodies with the necessary energy is not always beneficial, but may lead to severe damage to health. Where experts believe that the food problem lies in both sides of quantity and quality, that is, we may eat more than we need, or we accept foods with a high percentage of sugar and fat.

In the United States, the data indicates approximately 30 percent of adults are obese. One million Americans suffer from heart disease, and one out of every ten reports that he has diabetes, which is caused by diabetes. Mainly about unhealthy nutrition. And in the year 2016, the World Health Organization estimated that two billion people on Earth would be in the overweight or obese population. Some experts believe that our contemporary lifestyle has undergone a major shift, so that it is no longer appropriate for what we have been eating for 50 years. A recent study by the Scientific Advances Authority sought to conduct an experiment and measure the evolution of the dietary pattern and its suitability with the lifestyle.

The study observed the customs of the Turkana tribes in northwestern Kenya, especially since a difference was observed between the population who maintained a traditional lifestyle, and those who migrated to the city and began to eat in a modern way. Thanks to this experiment, researchers realized the benefits of the diet our ancient human ancestors followed. The study included a sample of 2016 an adult in 40 site, and the results revealed that those who continued to eat traditionally and closer to primitiveness, maintained much better health, and scored very high performance in ten health indicators. As for the people who moved to live in cities, their health was much worse, and the reason is that their diet was different from what it was before immigration.

Therefore, returning to the ancestral diet may be very beneficial, as it can prevent serious diseases resulting from obesity. And the American health expert, Dr. Dexter Schooner, says that most of the ancestral diets were plant-based, as is the case of the Kenyan tribes included in the study. He explained that the Asians followed a rice-based diet for decades, while the Inca civilization cared about potatoes, in contrast to the Aztecs and Mayans focusing on corn, in addition to the ancient Egyptians’ reliance on wheat. As for the most prominent difference today, according to Dr. Dexter Schooner, it is the amount of trans and preserved foods that we eat, without realizing the extent of their harm to health. So he gave some tips to help get rid of the bad habits of multitasking while eating, which are:

= When eating, you should sit at a table that is placed in a space far from other activities such as watching TV or working on a computer.

= Turn off electronic devices before sitting down to eat. And avoid checking email, reading tweets, or watching videos while eating.20162016 = Take small bites and chew them slowly, allowing the brain enough time to know that satiety has been reached at an appropriate time.
= Make sure to order healthy options when going out to eat outside the home with family or friends.
2016 = realizing that eating does not reduce stress and that unhealthy choices such as ice cream or french fries increase stress and lead to more stress Weight gain.
2016 = Reasons why water helps in losing Weight:
2016 – Water is a natural appetite suppressant: when the stomach feels By being full, it signals the brain to stop eating. Water can help fill up space in the stomach, leading to a feeling of fullness and lowering hunger. Drinking a glass of water before eating can help reduce snacking.
2016 – Water increases the burning of calories: Research indicates that drinking water can help burn calories, and water may increase the body’s energy expenditure during rest or the number of calories that are burned during rest Drinking cold water may enhance the benefits of water in burning calories because the body expends energy by heating water for digestion.

– Water helps remove waste from the body: When the body becomes dehydrated, it cannot properly remove waste such as urine or feces. Water helps the kidneys filter out toxins and waste while the organ retains essential nutrients and electrolytes. When the body is dehydrated, the kidneys retain fluid. Dehydration can lead to hard or lumpy stools and constipation. Water keeps waste moving. By softening hardened stools, water also helps the body recover from digestive problems.
2016 – DRINKING WATER CAN LOWER YOUR TOTAL CALORIES: Water is a calorie-free alternative to energy drinks or juice, and it’s easy to build up liquid calories by drinking soda, juice, coffee, or tea. In beverages, replacing some of your daily high-calorie beverages with water may have benefits for weight loss.20162016 – WATER IS ESSENTIAL TO BURN FAT: Without water the body cannot properly metabolize stored fats or carbohydrates. The process of metabolism of fats is called lipolysis.
)2016 – Water helps with exercises to lose weight: Exercise is one of the most important components of any weight loss plan and water helps muscles, connective tissues and joints move properly It also helps the lungs, heart and organs to work effectively because they increase their activity during sports, and drinking water reduces the risks That can hinder exercise, muscle cramps and fatigue.