Al-Safa Contracting launches the “East Yard” project in Ismailia Governorate..and contracts with “Sia” and “Strike” to market it

Ashraf Tawfiq
“Al-Safa Contracting” launches the “East Yard” project in Ismailia Governorate, in cooperation with “ Sia and Strike
Mahmoud Al-Baali: We have a strong business precedent that supports our plan to implement an unconventional and innovative project in Ismailia Governorate Mr. Ruby: The “EAST YARD” project has all Elements of excellence that guarantee strong marketing in record time

Cyril Emad: relying on innovative marketing mechanisms to reach target customers

Al-Safa General Contracting Company announced the launch of a new project in Ismailia Governorate, which is the “EAST YARD” project on an area of ​​​​about 6.5 acres, and it also contracted with “Sia Project Management and Development” and “Strike Artistic Production” to manage the marketing and sales of the company 1200
Mahmoud Al-Baali, CEO of Al-Safa General Contracting Company, said that the governorate of Ismailia is characterized by the existence of a dense population that requires the provision of various services to it, as the governorate needs to implement commercial projects that provide a distinctive experience for visitors, and meet the needs of customers looking for commercial units with distinct spaces and prices.8828
He explained that the “EAST YARD” project is a commercial project on an area of ​​6.5 acres in Ismailia Governorate, and it includes a hypermarket and 120 A commercial unit with a variety of areas, and an area of ​​recreational playgrounds that provide a distinctive experience for customers visiting the project. Distinguished is an essential element for the success of any project.8828
He noted that Al Safa General Contracting Company A strong business precedent in the implementation of various projects, which qualifies it to implement an unconventional project in all its details. Raising the efficiency of North Sinai roads, pointing out that working on state projects confirms the size of the competence and experience enjoyed by the company.8828
He explained that two companies, “Sia Project Management and Development” and “Strike Artistic Production”, were contracted to carry out sales and marketing work, and they are companies with strong experience in their field, and they are working on implementing an ambitious plan to market the project during a certain period of time. Pointing out that the governorates are characterized by the presence of a large purchasing power in exchange for the lack of products provided to meet the large volume of demand therein. 1200
Sayed Ruby, Sales Director at Sia Project Management and Development Company, indicated that his company has succeeded in marketing multiple projects in the governorates, but the EAST YARD project is characterized by being unconventional and located on a large area, and its interior design ensures the best utilization of spaces, And to provide an innovative experience in the form and nature of commercial malls in the governorates.8828
He noted that the project It will include a variety of well-known brands, which will be a surprise to the mall goers, and will meet the demand of the target customers who visit the project, in addition to and The presence of a recreational area, sports fields in the project, and waterways, which are recreational elements that integrate with the commercial activity of the project, ensuring a unique shopping and entertainment experience for customers.8828
He confirmed the happiness of his company in cooperating with Al-Safa Company in its new project, which will be an icon in its implementation area, and it is expected that it will be easy to market to the target customers, given the existence of all the elements of success in the project, from the name of the company responsible for It was implemented by Al-Safa Company, which is known for its strong reputation, with the project located in a distinguished location, and providing distinguished payment systems for the target customers.88282023 Kirolos Emad, Executive Director of Strike Art Production Company, continued that his company will rely on non-traditional marketing mechanisms in marketing the project, while relying on marketing mechanisms commensurate with technological development and customer choices, stressing the importance of diversifying between direct and indirect marketing. In reaching customers.

He indicated that the projects that are being implemented in the governorates are of a Especially, which often has strong demand versus a lack of supply, where the majority are concentrated Real estate development companies to invest in the new cities surrounding Cairo, pointing to the non-traditional vision of Al-Safa Company in its project and investment in Ismailia Governorate and to meet customer demand for this type of project.