Education of young entrepreneurs: The state has begun to develop technical education in cooperation with the private sector

Books / Fathi Al-Sayeh

Marwan Al-Shanwani, Chairman of the Education Committee, said: In the Egyptian Association for Young Businessmen, that the state has already begun to develop technical education in cooperation with the private sector, by signing various protocols with factories or major industrial institutions such as El Swedy, We, and Talaat Mostafa, with the aim of developing technical education and keeping pace with the labor market, indicating that technical schools Previously, a million 82 thousand students were issued to the labor market who were not qualified for the labor market, but currently are graduating A student at the highest qualification level and keeping pace with the labor market, through a technical school Through international curricula, not Egyptian ones. Major in catching up with the passengers of developed countries through a real development of technical education, pointing out that the collective mind of the Egyptians and the view of technical education is not at its best, and there is an urgent need To re-work on changing the idea among Egyptians, students and parents, and the media has a negative role in influencing the reduction of the role of the artistic worker, and there is an urgent need to re-change the image again, in light of his presence 898 A technical school in which all laboratories must be redeveloped, adding that consideration of the German experience is required, and the establishment of schools attached to factories as a new direction.2500

The Chairman of the Education Committee for Young Businessmen added that there are criteria that must be taken into account when starting to support and promote the idea of ​​technical education, through discipline, product efficiency and respect for work mechanisms, adding that the Egyptians are pioneers in many fields and we have a beginning Good in terms of recycling and qualifying technicians in the industry sector, by merging technical schools, and we have a long time to create a new generation of technicians worthy of Egypt, which would support Egyptian industry and exports 100 billion in light of the existence of a deficit in the balance of payments, and there must be competition and the application of standards and others, and the beginning is always in the human element, and the introduction of science in the qualification of workers in the labor market will change a lot, calling That the Ministry of Education and Industry assume full responsibility for training and qualifying new technicians and distributing them to factories. 2500