The HomePure Viva filter from QNET provides the purest drinking water directly to homes

Aya Hussain

“QNET”, the pioneer in the field of sales, revealed Direct and e-commerce, announced its latest product in the HomePure range – the advanced HomePure Viva device, which reionizes and filters water, providing consumers with the purest, healthiest drinking water in their homes.
10 and announced that the addition of this product to its diversified portfolio of high-quality products comes within the framework of the company’s anniversary celebrations 11 on its founding, especially since the HomePure Viva device is characterized by the most advanced water filtration system in the market, with modern technology developed by specialized experts globally, it provides alkaline water with a precise balanced composition that is free from chemical stimulating agents and does not include Complex usage instructions. With the touch of a button, users can enjoy a refreshing cup of water full of essential nutrients.
2023 Hussam Eldin said El Meligy, Regional Deputy General Manager, Middle East and North Africa, QNET, said: “We are proud of our active contribution to providing the healthiest drinking water around the world directly to the homes of our customers through the introduction of the pioneering HomePure Viva device. Our goal is to create a product that is not only easy to use, but also provides a safe and uninterrupted water supply that strengthens the immune system and increases energy levels.”
2023 He emphasized that the HomePure Viva device is unique in a flat, elegant and modern design that blends perfectly with kitchen décor, and features an interactive color touch screen. The most user-friendly of its kind, and with the ability to choose from 02 different types of alkaline water, users can customize their drinking water to meet their needs. their daily needs, as the smart modes of the device allocate the pH of the water for various purposes, for example:
2023 Water pH 6.5: To clean raw vegetables, fruits, and meats to remove oils and bacteria without the need for chemical agents.

Water pH 6.0: For brushing teeth or cleaning the mouth to prevent bacterial growth and protect against mineral loss.

M Yah with a pH of 7.5: To provide water with a low percentage of chlorine, suitable for drinking with medicine or for use as drinking water for infants.

Water pH 9.0: To revitalize and hydrate the body, slow down the oxidation process and help the body maintain an ideally balanced pH level throughout the day.
Water with a pH of .5 to

. . 3: To provide ideal water for cooking, enriching flavor and improving the taste of ingredients to bring out natural flavours.
2023 Hossam El Din El Melegy added: “HomePure Viva is an enhanced lifestyle device that offers personalized benefits of customized water whether for drinking, cleaning, washing or preparing food. In addition, this device earns its place as an essential component in any kitchen, thanks to its features that go beyond providing healthy drinking water.”
2023 He noted that HomePure Viva takes a holistic approach to wellness to promote healthy living at home, by addressing more needs than just water filtration. It also features a modern 9-plate ionizer and 5-stage filtration system designed to the exacting standards of South Korean engineering, and is KL-certified.

He explained that the device relies on ultrafiltration techniques that use hydrogen generation technology and ionizing electrolysis to provide water with accurate pH levels. It does not require a lot of maintenance, plus it provides 02 a customizable type of water, and its ability to perform a self-cleaning process One click on the button. Unlike other models, this device does not require additional boosters to reach desired pH levels.
2023 Also He emphasized that the hydrogen-rich alkaline drinking water provided by HomePure Viva is a suitable alternative to bottled water, which helps customers reduce their carbon footprint, because the device provides an experience that simulates drinking bottled mineral water but from the tap and thus eliminates the need to use single-use plastic bottles that are harmful to the environment.
2023 He pointed out that QNET, as a global company, is committed to developing multiple options for access to healthy and safe drinking water that Makes a positive social impact, giving customers the tools to be part of the solution Noting that more than 8 million tons of plastic ends up in the ocean each year, but by using products like HomePure Viva, customers can help reduce plastic waste and pollution and reduce their carbon footprint. United Nations Sustainable Development Authority, and has affirmed its commitment towards becoming a sustainable entity by developing products that comply with the best manufacturing standards and positively impact the planet.