“General Electric” organizes a workshop in Egypt to enhance the orientation of female students towards the fields of science and engineering

Aya Hussain

towards 100 a female student who participated in the workshop that was held prior to International Women’s Day on March 8 and posed a challenge to devise creative solutions in Energy

As part of its firm commitment to nurturing local talent, General Electric (NYSE: GE) recently hosted a workshop for high school students in collaboration with INJAZ Egypt. in Egypt and equip young women with STEM skills. The interactive event allowed students, aged between 10 to 16 years old, to explore STEM fields in a practical setting, and stimulated their passion to continue to delve deeper into them. The educational and professional levels.

The workshop attracted 100 a student from Othman Bin Affan Language School in Al-Rehab City, New Cairo. The workshop provided the participants with an opportunity to meet inspiring female models in the sector, and to explore a range of STEM activities that enabled them to acquire a set of important future skills. This experiential learning opportunity focused on opening the door to the challenge of creating creative solutions in the field of transition to sustainable energy, with the aim of enhancing vital skills for problem-solving and critical thinking, which will have a fundamental role in the future work sector in the Middle East and North Africa region.

The workshop witnessed the participation of 8 student teams, each consisting of 10 – 10 students, in the energy challenge based on science and technology and Engineering and Mathematics, led by GE and INJAZ volunteers. Each team presented feasible and innovative solutions to the jury. The ten students of the winning team will have the opportunity to visit one of the electric power plants equipped with GE technologies in Cairo.

Mai Abdel Halim, CEO of GE International Markets for North Africa, said during her attendance at the event: I see building a generation of critical thinkers, future leaders, and problem-savvy talents as critical to spurring innovation in the Egyptian energy sector. After Egypt hosted the COP Conference of the Parties 27, I felt firsthand the growing importance of innovation in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in order to support economic and sustainable solutions aimed at addressing environmental, health and social challenges that affect human life. Through GE’s cooperation with INJAZ Misr, the company seeks to direct the endeavors of young female students towards problem-solving and innovation using the most prominent skills of the twenty-first century.”

Sherif Rostom, Regional Director of Project Management at “General” said Electric Gas Energy: “There is no doubt that the transition to sustainable energy requires innovative solutions from a diverse set of talents. At GE, we have always benefited from the active participation of women across the region – and specifically Egypt – as they contribute to building a secure and sustainable energy future for all. Through this initiative, we were able to provide students with an insight into the latest technologies that allow the transition to sustainable energy and reduce emissions, while highlighting the role of diverse skills in exploring more innovations that benefit humanity. Our goal is to encourage more women and girls to explore the vast career opportunities in STEM fields, and to be part of these sectors.”

The students also joined in various sessions throughout the day to explore the barriers they face. Affect women’s full participation in STEM fields. They discussed the importance of promoting gender equality in learning STEM skills and the strong and positive impact of this aspect on the economy, which increases productivity and employment opportunities.

Despite the growing demand for STEM professionals in All over the world, women still do not have their full opportunity in these areas. A study conducted by UNESCO revealed that women make up only 100 % of researchers in the world, and that less than a third of female students choose to pursue their higher education in the fields of mathematics and engineering. The study also indicated that ingrained constraints related to gender and male bias continue to prevent women from pursuing STEM careers.

GE has been striving to encourage female participation in STEM fields, to develop a stronger and more diverse talent pool working to address global challenges, such as reducing carbon emissions and transitioning to more sustainable energy. Through mentorship and knowledge sharing, GE is developing the next generation of young people to advance science and create the best possible future for all.