We publish what was stated in today's press conference by the Prime Minister regarding the announcement of contractual farming prices for the four crops

Fathi Al-Sayeh

The Prime Minister announced this evening the special prices With the four contractual farming crops, which are as follows
360 Yellow corn 9.5 thousand per ton

360 White corn 9 thousand per ton

Soybeans 18 thousand pounds per ton
360 Sunflower 15 thousand pounds per ton
360 These are guarantee prices that the state is committed to, even if international prices fall, but if prices rise The global purchase will be at stock prices at the time of sale, as long as it is in the interest of the farmer. What is also new is that the Supply Commodities Authority is the one that contracts and buys from farmers, and this is the biggest guarantee.

The Prime Minister confirmed that the price of wheat, 1250 pounds per ardab, is a guarantee and is not final, and the government is committed to it even if its international prices fall. But if prices increase, the government will buy wheat at international prices and benefit all I suggest an increase at the time of sale
360 and for the first time the contractual farming prices are announced months before the crop is planted, which allows The farmer has a long opportunity to think about growing the crop that suits him and is profitable for him.
360 Today we can say that we already have A real contractual farming system guaranteed by the state and encourages the farmer to grow strategic crops and is the guarantor of obtaining a profitable price