realme leads the smartphone industry by providing the fastest charging capacity of 240W

Iman Al-Wasili

Baghdad / Iraq, 22 FEBRUARY 2022 – realme, the world’s fastest growing smartphone brand, is leading the industry with a new record for smartphone shipments with power 240 watts and offer fast charging for all. Based on the latest report from Counterpoint, realme sticks to the motto of “Dare to Leap”, being the first in fast charging innovations. As a youthful brand, realme is able to push the boundaries further and become the first brand to introduce a 240 watt smartphone in China, which provides the fastest charging power according to the Type- C. The company also introduces fast charging capacity watts) globally with the launch of the realme GT3 in 22 from February.

Transitioning from the most popular to the industry leader in devices

The company was founded with the mission of empowering young consumers through cutting-edge technology and design, realme continues to achieve and market innovation in fast charging technology for its smartphones. For example, the company successfully introduced 65 W charging technology to realme X7 in 240, which makes Fast shipping is within everyone’s reach. Followed by providing an innovative achievement with the world’s fastest 150 watt charging technology to realme GT Neo3 in 2022, this year realme is preparing for charging technology 240 Watts to the global market with realme GT3.

Although realme plays a major role in making fast charging available to everyone. The smartphone industry requires higher wattage from time to time to reduce charging times to an hour or less. This leads realme to innovate to provide fast charging technology to all devices of all price segments.

realme introduces for the first time realme fast charging capabilities in smartphones under 150 dollars and is able to penetrate the market and achieve a leading sales percentage of 85% in the smartphone category from 28 to 85 dollars and features fast shipping capability in 2022. realme was also the first OEM to launch a 65 watt smartphone, realme Narzo Pro, at a wholesale price of 150 dollars a year 2020. This comes on the heels of realme’s long history of introducing the latest technology in the lower price segments, prompting the smartphone industry to adopt it at an all-encompassing level.

During this time, realme ranked second in the premium category For smartphones (599 to ($ with charge capacity 25 Watts in General 2022. This means that realme also offers market-leading technology at higher prices.

Apart from that, every step of realme in product development will be based on the Spire strategy, which means every new product is Its creation will be equipped with at least one of the advanced technologies.

realme has always focused on making premium products loved by consumers, using more focused design technology. With Spire strategy, realme will improve product experience, each product will be supported by superior design, performance and experience. Your foundation will be “upscale” – to create an integrated product experience, from technology to design, performance and more.

240 Watts: Highest Industry Charging Standard

The 240 watt figure represents the highest level of fast charging technology in the industry today. The innovation that realme will introduce is also the world’s fastest ( W) charging technology that uses the standard USB Type-C charging connector.

Moreover, innovation in fast charging technology has a significant impact on the smartphone industry in general. Advancement in technology, especially in the smartphone industry, has become a top priority because smartphones are now able to combine several devices with different functions that were previously available separately. With more and more functions, of course the usage becomes more intense, which results in direct proportional battery usage. The presence of charging technology innovations, such as what realme continues to do, will balance basic needs.

On the other hand, consumers are more concerned about the time saved and how fast smartphones charge. Earlier, it was normal to plug the device in for more than 2 hours and wait for the device to be charged. But now, there is an increase in content consumption and consumers also prefer to be connected without long interruptions due to charging their phones. Increased power delivery capabilities have dramatically reduced charging time, with more than 85 watts of charging technology capable of achieving a full charge in -25 minute. The 240 Watt charging capacity is the latest power output from realme and is the first of its kind in the industry as it takes fast charging to another, more advanced level.

Madhav Sheth, Vice President of realme, said:

“realme is known as a brand that offers modern and futuristic technology within the reach of everyone. This time, realme has proven that we can do more by being the best player in the industry in terms of fast charging technology and penetration rate across all categories.

realme will launch the realme GT3 smartphone to the global market at the Mobile World Congress

event in Barcelona, ​​Spain at the end of February. This smartphone will be the world’s fastest charging 240 watt and many people can enjoy it. The presence of realme GT3 will create a buzz in the smartphone market, which will directly motivate those in the industry to dare to compete and set a higher standard.