The Kingdom hosts the next edition of the Future Conference “Web 3 Delight”

A. Hussain

“Web 3 Delight” conference, the first event for Web 3.0 technologies dedicated to business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which includes holding the Blockchain Hackathon competitions, after the success of its two previous editions in Abu Dhabi and Lagos

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is preparing to host the “Web3 Delight” conference at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center in Riyadh on the 6th of next March. This event embodies a distinguished event in the world of Web 3.0 and is held in a hybrid format with the aim of enhancing interaction between the various stakeholders in this sector, and enabling and supporting advanced economic models that are proactive, customized, collaborative and safe.

The “Web 3” conference is Delight is the brainchild of Paul Lalovic, partner at Agile Dynamics and founder of This series of events will contribute to connecting growth markets with those interested in the broad areas of Web 3.0 to enhance its technologies and accelerate its adoption.

It is expected that the Riyadh version of the conference will attract 3000 people from more than 30 A country with a personal and online presence, to represent an extension of the wide success achieved by the previous two editions in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and Lagos, Nigeria.

The “Web3 Delight” conference was designed to revolve around The value chain of Web 3.0 technologies. The conference activities revolve around a vital question: “What does it take to create value at each stop in the value chain of Web 3.0 technologies?” These visions and aspirations are in line with the objectives of the Saudi Vision 2030 aimed at developing digital capabilities and infrastructure, including pumping investments in new technologies such as the fifth generation, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things, as well as supporting the development of the thriving startup ecosystem in the Kingdom. Kingdom.

The discussions during the Web3Delight conference will focus on the adoption of blockchain technologies, the future of marketing in the Web 3.0 space, non-fungible tokens, governance policies, professional opportunities in the world of metaverse, fundraising, and establishing projects within deteriorating markets.

The conference will unite elite players in the field of Web 3.0 at the local and global levels, and will pave the way for enhancing capabilities in this field, while enriching cooperation opportunities that advance the digital transformation system as a whole. Bridging the gap between different sectors and emerging companies in the field of blockchain is one of the main elements of efforts to explore the future of Web 3.0, to provide new and rapidly spreading growth models. Looking at what Web 3.0 technologies are, we find that it is more than just a technological innovation, as it revolves around facilitating peer-to-peer collaboration, enhancing transparency and unifying opinions. Based on the vision of the “Web 3 Delight” conference, Web 3.0 technologies embody a new social trend towards a decentralized world, whose members can explore their own future without restrictions.

The Saudi version of the “Web 3 Delight” conference attracted A group of sponsors, including the Impact Makers Company; and Jowra, both Saudi-based companies, along with Bahamas-based Alpha Blue Ocean Group Digital (ABO Digital) and Swift Motion, a small venture capital firm, and the investment arm of management consulting firm Agile Dynamics.

In this context, Saad Samir Abu Jabara, partner at Impact Makers, said: “Digital transformation is an important topic within everyone’s plans at the present time, and there is no doubt that there are many reasons for this. That is why Web 3.0 technologies are key to seizing new value through a fully connected society. The holding of the ‘Web 3 Delight’ conference in Riyadh heralds a new dawn for this vital sector in the region, and we are confident in the ability of this event to enhance the momentum of growth and development in the current technological scene. There are promising potentials in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to benefit from the improved digital transformation system, as the Saudi Vision 2030 addressed this issue in detail, so that this event comes to drive growth, which calls us to be proud of our partnership with such an ambitious event.

For his part, Yasser Al-Obaidan, CEO of Jawraa Company, said: “Jawraa Company seeks to be the ideal partner for digital transformation, and we spare no effort to support our partners and enable them to benefit from the capabilities of this transformation. Today is an ideal time to hold the ‘Web 3 Delight’ conference in Riyadh, especially with the clear keenness of the public and private sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to adopt Web 3.0 technologies and strategies, which will have a profound positive impact on the country’s future. There is no doubt that this stage is very favorable for moving forward in consolidating the foundations of the desired transformation. Therefore, such events will introduce us to global best practices, strengthen cooperation relations, and work on crystallizing a clear work methodology towards developing Web 3.0 technologies, which is essential to providing the required support and a sustainable environment, so that the various actors in the technology space can move forward in its development and prosperity.

Regarding the partnership, Amin Ngai, CEO of Alpha Blue Ocean Group Digital (ABO Digital) said: “The current developments in Web 3.0 technologies play an important role in shaping new features of the society as we know it. There is no doubt that participation in this changing landscape presents an important opportunity, especially at the level of economic development through digital transformation. The “Web 3 Delight” conference embodies an exceptional platform for the development of Web 3.0 technologies, as it brings together all those interested in this field from all over the world to explore their common future. We are proud of our support for this event to formulate a unified methodology pervaded by constructive cooperation to advance the development of these technologies in a manner that benefits both the local and global community.”

In addition to the main event, which will witness the participation of prominent speakers from around the world and the convening of Important discussion sessions attended by hundreds of professionals in the fields of marketing, strategic planning, designers and others to interact in a productive environment. The “Web 3 Delight” conference, in cooperation with the famous blockchain network BNB Chain, is organizing the Blockchain Hackathon in Riyadh, provided that it is available to all students, graduates and specialists in the Kingdom. . Through this competition, the two sides aim to attract developers to create products based on Web 3.0 technologies, while strengthening relations with universities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Attendees during the “Web 3 Delight” conference will also have the opportunity to participate in sessions and workshops Guiding work and using pioneering technologies for elite solution developers from around the world. Speaker presentations and recorded interviews will also be accessible, so that participants can return to them and use them for future business and technology initiatives