Loneliness and social isolation increase the incidence of heart attack, habits and foods that give you a happy life

Dr. Muhammad Hafez Ibrahim

The American Heart Association clarified Dr. Crystal Sen’s research, which showed that heart attacks occur when The blood supply to the heart is suddenly interrupted and, if left untreated, can be fatal to the patient and life-ruining..While most of the risk factors for these events Physical, but the new study indicates that it may also be psychological. The American Heart Association stated that Study indicates that loneliness, social isolation and isolation can increase the risk of a fatal heart attack by up to 29%. Researchers have found that social isolation and loneliness increase the risk of a fatal cardiovascular event, a stroke, as blood flow to the brain is cut off.

Dr. Crystal Sen explained that over four decades of research has proven that social isolation and loneliness are associated with harmful health outcomes. The research comes at a time when loneliness is on the rise, especially among people who Their ages range from to years, but also in older age groups. Social isolation is defined as the lack of contact between one person and another for social relationships such as family and friends, While loneliness is the feeling of loneliness or less contact with others than desired. Dr. Crystal Sen explained that individuals can lead isolated lives. Relatively, they do not feel lonely, and on the contrary, people who have many social contacts may still suffer from loneliness. Overall, there is strong evidence linking social isolation and loneliness to an increased risk of poor overall heart and brain health and that it is an important factor in cardiovascular and neurological health .

There is an urgent need to develop, implement and evaluate programs and strategies to reduce the negative effects of social isolation and loneliness on cardiovascular and brain health, especially for the elderly population at risk. And that clinicians should also take action, that they should ask patients about the frequency of their social activity and whether they are satisfied with the level of interaction with friends or family and that doctors may be willing to help people who are socially isolated or in a solitary cohabitation .In addition to the possibility of improving cardiovascular health, these interactions will in turn improve their mental and psychological health, something that young people around the world also suffer from .

The US Food and Drug Administration indicated some signs of potassium deficiency in the body that lead to cardiac arrest and damage to the blood vessels. She indicated signs of potassium deficiency in the body, which may cause severe health problems due to severe potassium deficiency. The most important signs of hypokalemia are:

= fatigue and tension: In the case of hypokalemia, fatigue is the most common symptom. Cramps, myalgia, muscle weakness, nausea, constipation, and flatulence may be observed. Frequent urination and metabolic impairment may occur.

= Irregular heartbeat: Hypokalemia causes irregular heart rhythm and disturbance in the heart rhythm which affects its frequency, as the heart needs potassium for contraction and does not return able to perform its functions.

= Palpitations and dizziness: very slow or very fast pulse, low blood pressure, shortness of breath or chest pain. Complications can lead to cardiac arrest and death.

The US Food and Drug Administration explained the research of Dr. Ann Christine Della Valle, which clarified some of the causes of potassium deficiency in the blood, the most important of which is acute diarrhea, which may lead to potassium deficiency in the blood. the blood. Hypokalemia is also associated with a lack of potassium intake, as a lack of potassium intake was observed during anorexia accompanied by vomiting. Potassium deficiency was noted during prolonged fasting as one of the causes of hypokalemia. It can be due to excessive loss of potassium through the urine or through the digestive system. Also, hypokalemia was observed in severe burn cases. Diuretics may cause hypokalemia .

Hypokalemia can be treated by treating The cause of the deficiency first, and potassium supplements can be taken in emergency cases, but the treatment is mainly by eating foods rich in potassium . where regular consumption of foods that contain helps On potassium in maintaining a balanced rate of blood potassium. It includes the most important foods in legumes such as white beans and lentils, in vegetables such as Swiss chard, spinach, potatoes, cabbage, and mushrooms, in fruits such as avocados, bananas, apricots, citrus fruits, dried fruits, and grains such as nuts, almonds, pistachios, dates, and figs. It is also found in meat, fatty fish, chocolate, and whole grains .

The British National Health Authority clarified some simple daily habits that can be granted to a happier and healthier life not only for the heart but for the whole body So is the psychological state. Where it does not require much effort to make a major change in life. It may be just one simple habit that is all you need to achieve the desired results without effort, such as exercise and meditation, and there are healthy habits that many need to adhere to in their daily lifestyle; So that they may live happily ever after . The most important habits that cause happiness are:

= Wake up early : Sleeping early and waking up early makes a person healthy, waking up early leads to a more productive life A very productive year with a feeling of accomplishment, success and happiness.

= Adequate night sleep : Adequate night sleep is important for mental health and restoring energy levels. Sleep is directly linked to memory, learning power, metabolism, and mood . It is recommended to get a good sleep of 8 hours a day..

= Exercise: We are so overwhelmed by technology that our bodies move with difficulty, and it greatly affects our mental and physical health. But regular exercise improves your immune system and health.

= Eat Healthy: Diet has more impact on our lives than we think; Our body is like a machine; If you want to do well; You need to feed him with nutritious foods. And it doesn’t only affect health; but also on the mood; Therefore, it is advised to eat whole fruits, vegetables, and whole grains and avoid refined sugar, fatty meats, and fast food .

= exercise Meditation: Meditation is one of the best habits that can be adopted for a better and happier life.. Meditation helps improve memory, focus, emotional state, calmness and stability, and thus Happier.

= Massage: One of the most important habits that make a person happier His Excellency, is setting aside a few hours on the weekend; To deal with oneself by doing activities . It is possible to get a massage session (massage) or a warm bath or watch an interesting comedy movie .

= Spending time with loved ones : Spending time with family, friends or life partner can bring a lot of happiness. Spending time with Who cares about you, to creating strong, happy relationships.

= Maintaining health: health is The foundation of all happiness, and taking care of yourself will make a big difference to your quality of life. Habits will give you the energy and stamina to tackle your goals and tasks.

= Self-confidence : Self-confidence makes you happier, because confidence is the key to success and it is the thing that allows you to look at the past without regrets, staying anchored in the present, and preparing for the future without fear.