Justice and Communications open three distinct documentation branches and allow them to work in the evening shift

Aya Hussein

Today, Thursday, Chancellor Omar Marawan, Minister of Justice, and Dr. Talaat, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, in the presence of Major General Ahmed Rashed, Governor of Giza, two new distinguished Tawtheeq branches {Dandy Mega Mall Tawtheeq Branch – Dolphin Mall Tawtheeq Branch {in Giza Governorate, to work during the evening shift, as well as the second distinguished Tawtheeq branch of October 6, which was moved from the Sixth District In the 6th of October City, to its new headquarters in the October Festival City Mall in the northern expansions, with the possibility of working in the evening shift, bringing the total number of branches operating during the evening shift (11 Tawtheeq branch, from five o’clock in the evening until nine o’clock in the evening. Starting today, Thursday corresponding to 11/2/517.

20230223 On the sidelines of the opening activities, Counselor/ Omar Marawan, Minister of Justice, confirmed that the distinguished branches that It was inaugurated today as a continuation of the implementation of the directives of His Excellency President / Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, to expand the provision of documentation services to facilitate the citizens who request the service during the evening period, and to meet the needs and conditions of all groups at the level of the Republic through decent headquarters, appreciating the fruitful and constructive cooperation between the Ministries of Justice and Communications and Technology Information to implement the vision of the Ministry of Justice regarding the geographical and technological expansion of real estate notarization and documentation services, developing and mechanizing them, and linking them to other agencies and bodies through the electronic portal for real estate notarization and documentation, which provides citizens with a number of services related to real estate notarization and documentation, in order to ensure the provision of the best service to them, and work on updating and developing The real estate registration system is in line with the state’s vision towards digital transformation through modern technologies.

For his part, Dr. Amr Talaat confirmed The Minister of Communications and Information Technology stated that these openings are an embodiment of the state’s keenness to provide distinguished services to citizens, and it also comes within the framework of fruitful cooperation between the two ministries in implementation of the national project for the system of healthcare services. s; He explained that with these openings, the total number of offices reaches 517 a mechanized documentation office; Among them are 11 a distinguished documentation office throughout the Republic, and they are being expanded to enable citizens to obtain documentation services quickly and easily at the appropriate time and place to be determined. In advance, by booking through the “Digital Egypt” platform or the “I would like to make a power of attorney” application.