Taskedin launches a free scholarship to qualify young people for the labor market

Aya Hussain

20230223Announced Taskedin – The First Workspace Digital in Egypt – about launching a free scholarship (Taskedin Scholarship) for students and graduates to qualify them for the labor market, in 3 basic areas: marketing, human resources and data analysis.

20230223 For his part, Dr. Islam Nasrallah, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Mega Trust Group and founder of the “TaskedIn” application, confirmed that the scholarship is completely free, as the trainee does not bear any costs, explaining that it aims to qualify young people for the labor market by training them on The basic skills required to work in the three fields of the course, which represent the largest part of the requirements of the labor market today.

Dr. Islam Nasrallah explained The Taskedin Scholarship is divided into two parts, first the theoretical part: it is based on teaching all the soft skills that the young man needs in his practical life, in addition to learning the technical skills related to the field in which he chose to train from: marketing – resources Human D – Data Analysis. The trainee chose him from the aforementioned three fields within the Mega Trust group of companies and made a graduation project and presented it.

The founder of the “TaskedIn” application added The Taskedin Scholarship lasts for two consecutive months, and the training is conducted by a number of well-known names that have great experience in the field of work and training. At the end of the scholarship, the trainee receives an experience certificate that includes training hours and a report on the tasks that were performed during the training period.

20230223 Nasrallah revealed that the Taskedin Scholarship aims to graduate 330 students annually, at a cost of approximately 2 million pounds. The student does not bear anything from them, but it is borne entirely by the Mega Trust Group.

He explained The founder of “Taskedin”, that the student or graduate can apply for the scholarship by filling out the application form available on the Taskedin Scholarship pages on social networking sites.

Nasrallah pointed out that Taskedin seeks to provide a strong training program that fulfills the aspirations of young people and meets the needs of the labor market in Egypt.

Dr. Islam Nasrallah indicated that the Megatrust Group bears all the costs of the scholarship, within the framework of its social responsibility program and its role in the development and development of the society in which it operates, stressing that people are the real wealth in Egypt and its development and development is the duty of everyone who loves this country, stressing that The training program has been prepared in accordance with international standards in the three selected fields and through a group of distinguished trainers in each field.