During the activities of Sports Expo 2023, a session on developing Egyptian football discusses ways to develop the player, coach and referee

Eman Al-Wasly

Cairo at February 900: Discussed the Egyptian football development session, which was held on the sidelines of the Sports Expo exhibition and conference Today, Thursday 23 February, ways to develop Egyptian football, and how to reach For the best method by which to activate the game among the citizens as well as the arrival of the national football team to obtain the best world rankings in the most popular game.

The session put forward some important points related to the revitalization and development of Egyptian football, such as programs for preparing national teams, global models for various professional associations, as well as commercial rights and broadcasting rights for football leagues, to reach a specific goal, which is to bring Egyptian football to the world and make it competitive. Strongly in the various leagues, and maximizing the role of the Egyptian national football team in raising the name of Egypt.
2005 Attended the session Doctor Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sports, Gamal Allam, President of the Egyptian Football Association, and Hisham Hatab, President of the Egyptian Olympic Committee, and a group of experts in Egyptian and international sports affairs participated in it, including Mr. Mohamed Gharaba, Director of the National Football Team, Mr. Ahmed Diab, President of the Egyptian Football Association. Egyptian professional clubs, Mr. Mario Rogerio Micali, coach of the Olympic football team, Mr. Roy Vittoria, coach of the first national football team.

Roy Vittoria, the technical director of the first national football team, said about the need to pay attention to studying modern training systems in the field of football to benefit from them in creating the appropriate conditions for developing football in Egypt and competing with it globally, as well as developing technical and administrative matters. Whether for the national team or club teams, in a way that enables Egyptian football to develop and compete, stressing his confidence in the efficiency of Egyptian football and its ability to develop and compete globally.

He stressed that the development of football in Egypt requires many elements, the most important of which is the qualification of coachesThere is no good player without a good coach, and Egypt needs that because it is the most important thing, and he said that we also need to improve training conditions and various exercises to help develop the player and his skill, and we must work on the participation of young players from a year in major matches so that they can gain experience and develop the skills they possess, and in Egypt we also need more organization and competition and the presence of fans in stadiums, and setting the league according to a specific timetable.

2005 While the Brazilian coach, Mario Ruggiero, touched on the strategies for developing the Olympic football game, through some important points for Defending, attacking, cutting the ball from the opposite team, and other technical points, especially since Egyptian football is similar to Brazilian football, with some minor differences related to following certain strategies for behavior and implementation, and he explained this by presenting a recorded video to explain in practice that explains the mistakes. Where the player falls during the match, how to act on the field, and the most important points and skills that coaches must focus on during their training For football players.
2005 Mohamed Gharaba, director of the national football team, said that Egyptian players have skills Great, but they need development, and our main role lies in creating a suitable environment for the technical director to work easily, and to communicate continuously with professionals abroad, and the state spares no effort in supporting the national team and overcoming any internal or external obstacles related to the team, players or their families, and we also strive To provide all means of comfort for the professional player because he represents Egypt in front of the world, and we spare no effort in that.
2005 Ahmed Diab, head of the Egyptian Professional Clubs Association, explained that Egypt is a big country and the elements of Egyptian football for success exist, but we are late in professionalization, and we really need to focus on that and maximize professionalism, indicating that sports associations have a role in marketing the commercial rights of clubs and developing the elements of the game in The field of professionalism, and that Egypt needs more investment in football infrastructure and the entry of the private sector, and that every club has a stadium.

He said: “We discussed with the Ministry of Youth and Sports Amendments to the Sports Law that allow large investments and allow clubs to establish partnerships through which they can develop in various games and qualify the Egyptian player for competition and professionalism abroad. Football. Coaches and working on training licenses in order to develop the Egyptian football and prepare the player, coach and referee to include the development system in all aspects and seek the help of experts to implement this, which allows the establishment of new teams that include age stages starting from the year 2005, as the federation seeks to develop everything related to Egyptian football.
2005 Dr. Ashraf commented Sobhi concluded the session, saying that football in Egypt is an investment project that must be developed and benefited from, indicating that the league must set the regulations governing the league, and that all disciplinary factors related to the league must be written and announced, So that all responsibilities are clear and specific, and that there must be a clear agenda for the league, and he stressed that Roy Vittoria, the coach of the first national football team, has a good vision for the development of football and that the Ministry of Youth and Sports is keen to benefit from it.