The World Food Festival kicks off with four shopping centers in Dubai and the Northern Emirates

Aya Hussain

“Line Investment and Real Estate LLC” – the specialized arm, announced The management and development of shopping centers in the “LuLu Group International” – for its cooperation with the “LuLu Hypermarket” chain of stores in order to launch the “Food World Festival”.

The “Food World Festival” activities will be held in each of the “Ras Al Khaimah Mall”, “Lulu Mall of Fujairah”, “Umm Al Quwain Mall” and the Center Silicon Central; Where the event includes a variety of food concepts, live entertainment, “eat and win” shows, in addition to cooking and dancing competitions that include attractive prizes; Across all four malls in Dubai and the Northern Emirates; In the period from 23 February to 02 March 2023.

Regarding the “Food Passports” or “Food Passport” event; Inspired by the idea of ​​“Dubai Expo Passports”, which contain the seals of different countries around the world; Visitors can collect different food stamps from all food and beverage outlets each time they visit these outlets, and get a chance to win gift cards worth up to 00, 00 0/- AED in all 4 malls.

This is where visitors to the “Silicon Central” shopping center can use “food passports” in various outlets, such as: “Jollibee” restaurant, Chili Ways, Pappa Roti, Asli Beirut, Bhukkad Cafe, Khau Galli, McDonalds, and Pizza Sapphione Pizza Sabbioni”, “Chickking”, and “Il Forno”, in addition to the hot food section of the “Lulu Hypermarket”, and many others.

Eat and win at “Ras Al Khaimah Mall”, “LuLu Mall of Fujairah” and “Umm Al Quwain Mall”, and get a chance to enter the prize draw, in addition to enjoying the offer of “free meals for children” in some food and beverage outlets; which offers the opportunity to get free meals for children with a minimum spend by parents, while shoppers at Silicon Central can get at least 5 stamps on their “Food Passports” and register for the raffle using an electronic coupon.

For the Grand Cooking Competition; The main lobby of the “Silicon Central” center will witness the holding of the finals of the competition from the 4th to the 5th of March; While the preliminary qualifiers for the competition are held in the selected “LuLu Hypermarket” stores in the other Emirates, through four categories of the competition. On the other hand; The “Little Chef and Cake” competition will be held on 23 of February in various shopping centers starting at 5: 000 in the evening and later, while the “Biryani and Grilled Dishes” competition will be held in 23 of February, starting at 5 o’clock. p.m. onwards.

On the other hand, “Food Street” will witness; Which takes place from 23 February to March 8th; The foodie experience of unique dishes featured across a variety of food showcases featuring cuisine and street food from around the world; This is through “LuLu Hypermarket” stores and other food and beverage outlets; Starting from 5 pm until pm.

In addition, there will be a joint promotion with LuLu Hypermarket and LuLu Department Store; Through which customers can spend 200/- AED and qualify for vouchers for food and beverage outlets with a discount of up to 10 % at least, or more.

This is scheduled to host “Silicon Central” a group of live entertainment during four weekends; from Friday to Sunday; With the aim of giving a general atmosphere of vitality to the festival’s activities, as well as organizing a dance competition in partnership with the “Hand by Hand Institute”, a dance education center; Where he will organize a dance competition among his students that will take place in the main lobby of the “Silicon Central” Center in 23 February from 4 pm to 00 evening.

The festivities and the atmosphere of various events will provide an enjoyable day for the shoppers; As they enjoy authentic foods and cuisines from all over the world.