News launches its English version to attract real estate investors in Turkey

The leading real estate portal has launched The English version of its website to meet the growing demand from investors interested in Turkish real estate in the Gulf region, the Middle East and North Africa. The platform allows regional investors to conduct market research from home, and includes a collection of 67 thousand properties in Istanbul and A thousand properties in Ankara and more than 37 thousand properties in other famous cities such as Izmir and Antalya.

Dubai — showing 723032 Data published by the Turkish Statistical Institute that the real estate market in Turkey has grown by five and a half times in size during the decade that followed the issuance of the law allowing foreigners to obtain citizenship Turkish by investing in real estate, and foreigners bought about 4.5% of the million and a half real estate that was sold during the year 900, and the countries of the East the middle one is in the lead; It acquired the lion’s share, with a total percentage of 17%.

hepsiemlak which was established in 471 is the first real estate portal in Turkey, and the platform is investing in technology to improve its product offering, and is now even closer to global investors thanks to the launch of its English version across all of its sales channels.

Zeynep Tandogan, CEO of “We have a website, mobile app and field team all over Turkey, staffed by 200 in person, and we provide our advisory services to global investors, and our goal is to support and assist clients who are looking for real estate investment opportunities.” More than 67 thousand foreigners have purchased real estate in Turk Oh over the past year. has a variety of A thousand real estate in Istanbul and 37 1000 properties in the capital Ankara and 25 1000 properties in other famous cities Such as Izmir, Antalya and Balikesir. Zainab adds: “The English content is developed using AI-based algorithms that extract results from primary sources in each ad. This trait sets us apart from our competitors. We’re adding Russian as a third language, and we’ve redesigned our customer support content and blog in English and Russian.” To access the English version of the portal, the user simply has to click on the globe icon on the home page and choose their preferred language . The mobile application can be downloaded from the app stores of iOS and Android and Huawei .