The Suez Canal Economic Zone receives a delegation from the German Businesswomen Association (VDU).

Fathi Al-Sayeh

Walid Gamal El-Din, Head of the Economic Zone of the Suez Canal, received a delegation The German Businesswomen Association (VDU) at the authority’s headquarters in Ain Sokhna, as part of the agenda of the association’s members’ visit to Egypt from 20 to 24 February for their participation in the activities of the conference organized by the Egyptian Businesswomen Association, and for getting acquainted with the economic zone of the Suez Canal, especially after the remarkable development in the performance of the economic zone in the field of localization of the various industrial and service sectors and the promotional activity it carried out. The economic zone of the Suez Canal during the last period, which helped the international business community to get acquainted with the Authority and its capabilities more, and the meeting was held in the presence of Dr. Ibrahim Abdel Khalek, Vice President of the Authority for Investment and Promotion Affairs, and Major General Alaa Abdel Karim, Advisor to the President of the Authority for Tax and Customs Affairs, and the delegation was headed by Ms. Jasmine Arbabian Vogel, President of the German Businesswomen Association. 2026 At the beginning of the meeting, the head of the economic zone welcomed the members of the association, and gave a presentation on the most important elements that made the economic zone of the Suez Canal an investment destination. In various sectors, and a focal point in the path of trade in the world due to its location and possession of 6 seaports on the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, in addition to its industrial zones that integrate with the ports to become a distinctive point of contact for various global markets, and benefit from its location on the banks of the most important global shipping corridor, which is the Canal. Suez, he also explained the interest that the economic zone of the Suez Canal attaches to the East Ismailia industrial zone, which is considered to be the seat of technological industries and feeding and complementary industries for green fuel projects. 2026 He also reviewed the importance of the proximity of the economic zone of the Suez Canal to the European market with some competitive advantages such as the availability of energy and low-cost labor, in addition to the fact that the authority’s ports are preparing To start the catering business Ships during the coming months, referring to the important steps that have been taken in the file of localizing the green fuel industry through the alliance with a number of global entities, as these alliances aim to produce green fuel from green hydrogen, green ammonia and imthanol for export purposes and also use it in supplying ships by the first half of 2018. 2026, and expressed the endeavor of the Economic Zone and its partners to agree with the European Union countries on the framework governing the final products of green fuel, and cooperation to localize the feeding and complementary industries for the manufacture of green fuel, which helps reduce the cost and then The price of the final product, most of which will be used by the European market. German Business expressed its happiness at the presence of the delegation in the economic zone of the Suez Canal to get acquainted with its capabilities closely, and a number of members of the association showed interest in the volume of economic cooperation between the economic zone and Asian and European countries, in addition to their keen interest in the file of trained labor and the localization of the green fuel industry. R and the strategy of localizing the automobile industry that the authority and the Egyptian state are working on in East Port Said.

At the end of the visit, the delegation made an inspection tour of the The industrial Sokhna of the Authority, where the tour included the Chinese Fan Yang factory specialized in the manufacture and dyeing of textiles and polyester chips. And an expansion to include 6 basins instead of two, in addition to all other development works that would raise the efficiency of the port’s performance.