The launch of the activities of the fourth edition of “The Capital Egypt EXPO” under the slogan “The Opening of the Capital Exhibition” tomorrow, Saturday.

Ashraf Tawfiq

Launching the activities of the fourth edition of «THE CAPITAL EGYPT EXPO » With the participation of 25 a real estate developer tomorrow, Saturday

Ahmed Al-Minshawi: Choosing an ideal timing for the launch of the exhibition in conjunction with the governmental move to the Administrative Capital

Osama Al-Minshawi: The exhibition includes Projects ready for delivery in installments up to 10 years

Dyaruna Real Estate Marketing Company announces the launch of the activities of the fourth edition of “THE CAPITAL EGYPT EXPO” exhibition, tomorrow, Saturday 25 This February, with the participation of 25, a real estate development company that presents a package of the most prominent projects in the New Administrative Capital, with exclusive offers that are not repeated to customers.

Ahmed Al-Minshawi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dyaruna Real Estate Marketing Company, said that the exhibition is launched under the slogan “The Opening of the Capital”, as it includes various projects between residential and t It is ongoing, administrative and medical, and is being implemented in the New Administrative Capital, and it also comes in parallel with the governmental move to the New Administrative Capital, stressing that choosing the timing is an essential element supporting the success of the exhibition.

He explained that in light of the high cost of implementation in various real estate projects, and the gradual transition of life to the Administrative Capital, these factors contribute to the rise in the prices of real estate units in the Administrative Capital during the coming period, which makes the current period the best. To purchase and obtain units with exclusive offers and unrepeatable investment opportunities.
2023 For real estate marketing, it is characterized by choosing the ideal timing for clients and companies present in the exhibition, as well as providing exclusive offers only to customers during the exhibition period, pointing out the importance of the exhibition to achieve direct communication between real estate companies and customers and to identify their needs in various projects.

Osama Al-Minshawi, Executive Director of Dyaruna Real Estate Marketing Company, added that the company selected all the participants in the exhibition after Nayah Faeqa, so that they have a strong business precedent, distinguished and diversified project portfolio, as well as providing real exclusive offers that benefit customers, indicating the company’s focus on achieving diversity in the portfolio of projects presented to customers, so that the required units are provided to all customers.
2023 He pointed out that the exhibition includes units available in the R3, R7, and R8 regions of the New Administrative Capital, and some of these units are available for delivery. immediate and in installments of up to 10 years, and some of them will be delivered soon, as all the companies present in the exhibition enjoy commitment in delivery and quality in implementation, in addition to providing Strong management services to its clients in various projects. One of the best exclusive offers available, as well as choosing from dozens of projects available in one place, which enables the customer to make his purchasing decision, expecting the success of the fourth session of the exhibition because the company has established its customer base from previous sessions who have strong satisfaction And a turnout for all the various events and exhibitions presented by Diyaruna.