Hazem Hamada: Developing a road map for Egyptian sports.

Iman Al-Wasili

We broke records in the number of Cooperation protocols and memoranda of understanding, and we succeeded in sporting events and competitions that took place during the days of the conference and exhibition

160 exhibitors participated in the exhibition and more than 120,000 visitors to Sports Expo 2023

Cairo, Saturday, February 25, 2023: Hazem Hamada, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Delta Conex, a leading company in organizing international exhibitions and conferences, owner and founder of Fekra Sports Expo 2023, announced the launch of the second edition of Sports Expo 2024 next February.

He said that the next edition comes after the great success achieved by the first edition of the event, pointing out that the activities of the exhibition and conference witnessed an attendance of more than 120,000 visitors, and 160 exhibitors participated in it, noting that the next edition will be organized in 4 halls In addition, two large venues will be equipped to organize various sporting events, pointing out that the exhibition will continue during the coming summer for two months in organizing some sporting activities for young people. *)

He emphasized that President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s sponsorship of the Sports Expo and Conference , Prime Minister Dr. Mustafa Madbouly’s opening of the exhibition, as well as the efforts of youth and sports led by Dr. Ashraf Sobhi contributed greatly The success of the Sports Expo , and its emergence in the best image, was witnessed by everyone, including Arab and international bodies and institutions.

He stressed that participation Many governmental and private bodies locally, in the Arab world, and internationally, and the heads of various government bodies, gave a great impetus to this exhibition, and had a great impact on revitalizing the exhibition during its four days, noting that the public turnout did not exceed all expectations.

He explained that the exhibition succeeded in achieving its goals in an unprecedented way, saying: “The sports events and competitions that were held during the exhibition succeeded in an excellent way, and we broke records in the number of cooperation protocols and memorandums of understanding that were concluded, adding that we consider this a testimony from the participants and sponsors. We have succeeded in delivering our message.”

He indicated that the Sports Expo succeeded in delivering its message, as the participants praised the exhibition’s role in bringing about a revival in Su They also witnessed the diversity of its exhibits, as well as the movement witnessed by the sporting events, as well as the keenness of the stars of the Egyptian society, including artists, athletes and others from all segments of society, to attend the exhibition, who expressed their amazement at the unprecedented organization and the same idea that brought together all stakeholders interested in sports as an industry. And investment, and before them community activity.

Hamada confirmed that Sports Expo has set a road map for the development of Egyptian sports through the scientific discussion sessions that took place, pointing out that he was surprised by the size of the unexpected partnerships and partnerships that took place. between the public and private sectors, as well as the partnerships that took place between Egyptian and Arab companies, noting that this was the goal of Sports Expo from the beginning, for the exhibition to be a road map for the advancement of sports as an industry and investment through the signing of cooperation protocols and memorandums of understanding between different companies.

In addition to sports as an industry, he explained that the goal of Sports Expo 2023 is to renew and encourage the Egyptian people to practice sports, which was the goal of this version and was actually achieved during Hall 4, which witnessed various sports events and competitions, Which the visitors enjoyed, and the attendees got acquainted with new and different sports, such as Frisbee, which Dr. Ashraf Sobhi directed that it be announced through an official federation during the Sports Expo.

Hamada expressed thanks and appreciation To all those who contributed to the success of the exhibition, including the unknown soldiers from Delta Connex and the Ministry of Youth and Sports, who bore all the pressures for the success of the exhibition. And he announced the organization of the second edition of the exhibition next year Sports Expo 2024, to be the largest and most successful to attract all companies operating in the sports sector, along with many Arab and foreign countries.