The Institute of Management Accountants accredits the accounting program at the German University in Cairo.

Iman Al-Wasili

IMA granted the “Institute of Management Accountants” accreditation The accounting program offered by the German University in Cairo to its students, within the framework of the “Support Program for Higher Education” initiative launched by the institute with the aim of adopting programs that keep pace with the highest educational standards and allow students to apply for the “Certified Management Accountant CMA”


In this context, Hanadi Khalifa, Director of Operations for the Middle East, Africa and India at the Institute of Management Accountants, said: “We welcome the joining of the German University in Cairo. To our growing list of accredited educational institutions in the region and around the world, especially as it is one of the most prestigious universities in Egypt, and obtaining this accreditation will support our mission to empower students and professionals and help them move forward towards achieving their professional goals. Through similar cooperation initiatives, we aim to bridge the skills gap to keep pace with the requirements of employers that are constantly changing, in addition to providing aspiring financial experts with the skills that allow them to excel in the labor market.”

For his part, Prof. Dr. Ihab Kamel Abul-Khair Mohamed, Vice President of the German University in Cairo for Student Affairs and Dean of the Faculty of Management Technology, said: “We are pleased to obtain the accreditation certificate for the ‘Support Program’ The prestigious “Institute of Management Accountants” for higher education, which comes as an affirmation of the strength of the distinguished accounting program offered by our university. This accreditation will contribute to enhancing the global reliability of our curriculum, and enabling our graduates to obtain the highest levels of recognition for their required skills and outstanding experience in the business sector, which will help them enhance their readiness to meet the needs of the business world.”

In order to obtain the accreditation certificate, the accredited institutions must cover the content of the “Certified Management Accountant Certificate” and invest in the resources of the educational body to provide the content, and be accredited by one of the prestigious accreditation bodies, and the appointment of a member of the educational staff as a representative of the Institute of Management Accountants.