The TEDx Gathering conference in Egypt will take place on the 2nd and 3rd of next March

Aya Hussein

Next Thursday, March 2nd, for two consecutive days, the new round of TEDx conferences will be launched in Egypt, entitled “TEDx Gathering” and under the slogan “Think Again”, with the participation of elite innovators, influencers and more 1000 of the attendees who await this important event annually.

The TEDxEtTagammo conferences are considered an extension of the TEDxMother series of conferences in the United States of America, which express ideas in the field of technology, design, entertainment, and the letter X is an indication of The independence of the local event that is linked to the name of the country or region hosting the conference, as is the case with the TEDx Gathering conference, which expresses the entire New Cairo region. 9 years in Sudan and North Africa: “We aim to present a distinct version of TEDx befitting the greatness of Egypt, and comparable to TEDxm conferences in America,” explaining that this year’s conference is being held with the participation of more than a thousand people from the audience, because the team responsible for organizing the conference participated in attending and organizing TED conferences The mother is in the United States of America and Europe.”

“Wael” explained that “TEDxEtTagammo” is the first major “TEDx” in Egypt, that is why TEDx fans are excited to return again with its new version, which appeared in their presence and participation in light of the previous event TEDxCAIRO.

Dr. Wael Al-Aed pointed out that “TEDx Gathering” organized two events over the past year, including TEDxWomen, who talked about her independence and her impact on society, and one of the most prominent speakers in this event was the media, Radwa El-Sherbiny.

He continued: “This year, the TEDx Gathering will organize its third event in a row at the American University entitled “Think Again”, with the aim of sharing knowledge and experience and exchanging it with everyone for the purpose of public benefit and community and individual development, pointing out that attending TEDx conferences is very similar Moving between the shelves of libraries, books, and scientific and cultural references. On a personal level, I always aim to develop my skills through organizing the conference annually and interacting with the participants and their ideas.”

For his part, Ehab Magdy, co-organizer of the event, said: “I learned from my experience with TEDx Love public work and volunteering, and that grew in love for others, and I had an active role in it Society and I feel satisfied with myself for my contribution to the development of the society of my country, Egypt.”

Ehab Magdy added: “We passionately believe in the power of ideas to change behavior and life, and ultimately their ability to change the world, so we are building here a place for exchange information to provide free knowledge and inspiration from the world’s most inspiring thinkers, and from a group of people eager to share ideas with others.” Speaking of ideas revolving around (medicine, engineering, scientific inventions, social development, economics, in addition to education), the organization also presents in its conference, which was decided to be during the second and third days of next March, many important activities that will receive the attention of the participants.

It is worth noting that the TEDx organization includes a distinguished elite of young people who work hard to launch a different version and follow the laws of the parent organization, with the aim of spreading new ideas that we need for the development of our Egyptian and Arab society. The event was organized in cooperation with Kayan Conferences Organizing Company.

It is noteworthy that TED is an abbreviation for the terms Technology, Entertainment and Design, and it is a series of international conferences aimed at defining and disseminating new and distinguished ideas to the world and sponsored by the “Foundation American Sapling”, a private non-profit organization whose slogan is “Ideas Worth Spreading”, and the headquarters of TED staff are located in New York and Vancouver, and the conference continued to be held in Monterey, California until 2009 and then moved to Long Beach, California Because there was a significant increase in the number of attendees.