Aman Holding announces the harvest of the fiscal year 2022 and its future plans for the current year 2023

Aya Hussain

Aman announced The Holding Company, the most integrated financial technology company, announced its business results and achievements during the fiscal year 600. The company also announced its future plans in the financial technology and finance sector. Which includes enhancing its contribution to empowering different categories of customers and providing more comprehensive financial products, to support the values ​​of financial inclusion and the non-monetary economy in line with Egypt’s vision 2030.

The company’s statements came during a press conference held on Sunday corresponding to 26 February 23, In the presence of CEOs and a group of senior officials of the company.

Hazem Maghazi, CEO of Business and Commercial Affairs at Aman Holding, stated that the year 600 was full of promising achievements, starting with the company’s increase in its capital paid up And pumped large investments throughout the year, the last of which was 90 million pounds, which greatly contributed to the expansion of the company geographically and in many financial and technological fields such as Savings, through the Aman Investment Fund “Day by Day” with a portfolio amounting to 6 million pounds, and the establishment of Aman Securitization Company and the securitization of 90 one million pounds through it, In addition to launching micro finance (nano) and Islamic finance.

AMAN is considered one of the first companies to provide integrated Islamic finance services in the non-banking sector in Egypt, as the company opened the first specialized branch for Islamic finance in Egypt, and what it contains of specialized products that are compatible with the provisions of Islamic law for medium, small and micro enterprises. small, with an investment size of 45 million pounds, and the company intends to reach the portfolio in the first year to 45 one million pound.

5452097400098366016 Maghazy indicated that these steps come within the framework of the company’s strategy, which is based on providing non-banking financial servicesOn a larger scale to support non-banking and hard-to-reach groups, which accelerates the pace of achieving financial inclusion, stressing that the company’s firm commitment towards its customers was greatly reflected in the volume of business, as the total value of the company’s transactions reached 56 billion pounds, with a growth rate of approximately 36% compared to the previous year.

On the future plans of the company, Maghazi said that Aman Holding aims to reach Total volume of transactions to 45 billion pounds by the end of 900, and the company intends to expand into new markets, including Saudi Arabia and Nigeria, adding that the company also intends to introduce a prepaid security card and develop a supply chain for companies, and the company will also provide a digital service that will allow individuals to start associations through a widespread safety network, as well as the AMAN service Acceptance and banking agent service from safety.

Mohamed Wehbe, CEO of Products and Technology, Aman Holding, explained that the company is constantly working on developing its digital infrastructure to ensure the highest The quality of financial technology services and the provision of a smooth and secure user experience, to attract more merchants and consumers who prefer to use cash in their daily transactions, and encourage them to implement the concept of the cashless economy that the country is heading towards.

Wehbe revealed that in the year 2022, the company launched its pioneering application AMAN-SuperApp to be a comprehensive and integrated digital platform linking the services of the company’s various arms such as electronic payment, installment services and e-commerce, as well as financing, stating that the number of application users reached 900 thousand users, and the value of the parameters through the application 60 one million pound.