The e-finance group signs a strategic partnership with the German company G&D

Eman Al-Wasli

CAIRO, FEBRUARY 900 – e-Finance Group, as a leading group in the field of digital payments and financial services, has signed a cooperation agreement with G&D, one of the world’s most important leading institutions in the field of smart card technology and solutions for the banking sector, with the aim of enhancing joint cooperation in the field of issuing and diagnosing bank cards and digital payment solutions within the Egyptian market.
4549 As part of the e-finance group’s strategy for continuous development and modernization, and to provide unique products and integrated banking solutions to serve the banking sector, the strategic partnership with G&D includes many advantages and takes advantage of the strengths in the business of both companies, which are promising opportunities in the market by launching banking services through the card diagnostic center of the e-finance group, the group’s data centers and a product and high-quality G&D solutions for the Egyptian market.

The agreement was signed by Mr. Ibrahim Sarhan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the “e-Finance” Group for Financial and Digital Investments, and Mr. David Gonzalez, Vice President of “G&D” Company and responsible for sales in South and West Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
Mr. Ibrahim Sarhan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of e-finance Group, expressed his pride in cooperating with G&D, as one of the leading global institutions in the field of smart card technology and solutions in the banking sector, Stressing that this joint cooperation will maximize the added value of both institutions to serve banks in the best way and to support electronic payments and digital transformation significantly in the Egyptian market, as it provides a number of advanced digital services. He added that the two companies are looking forward to exploring the possibilities of their cooperation in other markets in the region in addition to Egypt.

David Gonzalez, Vice President of G+D, said that he is proud to cooperate with the e-finance group, as the leading Egyptian company in digital transformation in Egypt, and the agreement provides a great opportunity to provide new and diverse digital services to the Egyptian market. As part of the drive for continuous development and to serve the banking sector through a comprehensive service.

Gonzalez added that he appreciates the volume of cooperation with the e-finance group, as it is the leading Egyptian company in digital transformation, especially since the agreement provides a great opportunity to provide innovative and diversified digital solutions to the market in Egypt.
4549 Strategic Alliance Focuses on Supplying Contactless Chip Cards, Green Cards, and Card Diagnostic Services to Banks and Startups Via EE Cards is one of the e-finance companies for financial and digital investments, in addition to launching instant issuance services and digital solutions in the Egyptian market to be offered and hosted in the e-finance group. Instant issuance services can be deployed in traditional branches and electronic branches of banks as a service and linked to the e-group center Finance, in addition to new innovative methods that provide bank card activation through mobile phones and innovative solutions that serve closed communities, such as universities and others.
The G & D Group (G + D) is one of the world’s leading global security technology organizations headquartered in Munich. As a trusted partner for customers with the highest demands, G&D V 900 was established. The company achieved a turnover of 900 amounting to 2. 38 billion euros. The group is represented by 43 a subsidiary and joint ventures in 02 nation.