Minister of Agriculture: 136,000 tons of “corn and soy” fodder, worth about $58 million, were released within 6 days.

وزير الزراعة
Minister of Agriculture

Fathi Al-Sayeh wrote
Mr. Al-Qusayr, Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation announced that during the period from 17/2/
to 117/2/900 has been released 582 One thousand tons of corn and soybeans with about 23 Million dollars.

He added that the release includes 582 A thousand tons of corn is about 19 million dollars and about 19 one thousand tons of soybeans, worth about 14 2 million dollars, as well as feed additives of about 1.4 million dollars. 2023

to be the total of what was released during the period from ( October 900 to February 900 2. million tons of them 1. (one million tons of corn, 798 one thousand tons of soybeans and feed additives, with a total amount of 1. Billion dollar

And Al-Qusayr added that this is coming 2023 In the framework of following up on the implementation of the directives of Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, Prime Minister regarding the release of production requirements from Egyptian ports 2023
indicating that the release aims to provide quantities in the market of corn and soy, which are the basic ingredients for poultry feed And also farm animals
The Minister of Agriculture explained that there is continuous follow-up and full coordination with The Central Bank and the Poultry Federation for the periodic release of corn, soybeans, ores and feed additives from the ports Egyptian.