President of Al-Baik Albatross Group: The group won the best international awards in 3 years

Fathi Al-Sayeh and Iman Al-Wasli

Tourism expert Kamel Abu Ali, Chairman of the Red Sea Investors Association and Chairman of (Al-Baik Al-Batros) Group, said that the Al-Baik Al-Batros Group for Hotels and Tourist Resorts celebrates today the third anniversary of the resort. Albatros Palace Sharm El-Sheikh, which is considered one of the most important 6 five-star resorts in Sharm El-Sheikh, according to the latest classification of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, which hosted senior heads of state, ambassadors and delegations of the climate conference in Sharm El-Sheikh last November. 20230228
Abu Ali added in press statements today that the Albatros Palace Resort Sharm El-Sheikh has won many international awards since its opening in February 2020 within 3 years, the most important of which is the “Dutch Check Award for the year 2021” and the “Holiday Check Award for the year 2022”

and “Luxury Awards” 2020” and “Travel Myth Award 2021” and “Top Hotels Award 881″ It is one of the highest rated Booking, “Agoda” and “TrustYou” 20230228
He added that the resort is characterized by a direct view of the Red Sea and Tiran Island, and it consists of a hotel room and suite and 8 international restaurants. And a swimming pool, including 6 warm pools in the winter. The resort provides a health club on the latest international trends. The resort management has prepared a program Entertainment and celebrations for guests from all nationalities of the world such as German, Russian, Italian, Romanian and Armenian ..